Shock Cord Lashing 96"

$9.95 USD Weight 0.49 oz / 14.0 g

Lead Time Ships in 1-3 Days

The shock cord really helps to compress my pack down while also making it more functional. Great place to hold wet rain gear to dry or hang clothes to dry while hiking. I believe the shock cord is a must have. It adds more versatility and additional storage options.

– Daryl H., ★★★★★

The Shock Cord Lashing add-on can be used to hang items off your pack to dry, or to strap on additional items. The 3/32" shock cord is laced across the front of the backpack over the mesh pocket. The shock cord can be detached when not needed.

Made in the USA.

*This is NOT compatible with our Arc Zip or Arc Haul Zip backpacks.