NRS Hydroskin Gloves

$39.95 USD Weight 1.3 oz / 38.0 g
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NRS HydroSkin® Gloves are perfect for hikers looking to cut the chill without sacrificing grip or feel. Great in the rain, snow, or other wet cold conditions, the thin neoprene material insulates and protects your hands even when wet. It allows you the enhanced mobility to easily pitch your tent in the rain or snow, or breakdown and pack up your cold wet tent the morning after a rainy night.

These also make excellent winter gloves for shoveling snow or scraping ice off your car, while small enough to fit in your jacket pocket. Combine them with Vertice Rain Mitts as a shell to keep them dry, and they can handle even arctic temperatures.

Keep your toes warm when wet too with NRS HydroSkin Socks.


  • Great for cold wet trips, or snow. Keep your fingers functioning even when wet.

  • The 0.5 mm neoprene core layer with titanium-laminate adhesive insulates and protects without adding too much bulk.

  • The PowerSpan™ exterior stretches in four directions, allowing unrestricted use of your your hands.

  • The ThermalPlush™ inner lining increases insulation, repels moisture and dries quickly for added comfort.

  • The silicone pattern on the palm and fingers provides a better grip and added durability. Perfect for hanging on to Trekking Poles or a Carbon Staff.

  • A durable water repellent (DWR) coating helps the gloves shed water, reducing evaporative cooling.

  • Pairing snaps on the wrists help keep the gloves together.

  • A fitted, stretchy slip-on wrist cuff makes the glove easy to put on and take off.