1" x 54" Ultra Tape Strip

$4.95 USD Weight 0.28 oz / 8.0 g
Lead Time Ships in 1-3 Days

This seam tape is made with adhesive stuck to thin Ultra TNT material as the backing material. It has a white paper layer that peels away leaving clear adhesive stuck to an Ultra TNT strip. Just peel off the paper and press it smooth. No heat required.

The adhesive sticks excellently to inside of any of our Ultra backpacks. It is the best way to seal any leaks or tape issues on the inside of the backpack.

  • The tape a good addition to your repair kit for sealing any scuffs, punctures, or seams on the inside of your Ultra fabric backpack. 

  • It is sold in 54" length sections. Overlap the ends of the sections for longer length seams.


    54 Inches  (1.37 meters)


    1 inch  (2.54 cm)

    Weight w/o the paper:

    .10 oz per yard  (2.5 grams per meter)