Stick on Toggle

$2.25 Weight 0.1 oz / 2.8 g
Lead Time 1 Week

These toggles are great for closing tarp doors, clipping bug shelters to your tarp, and anywhere quick attachment/detachment is needed. Peel off the brown paper back and stick it where you need it. These are generally paired with Stick on Loops.

These stick excellent to Dyneema Composite Fabric gear, but they will not stick to silicone fabrics. The adhesive will stick OK to normal nylon or polyester.


Clear-White 1.43 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric with adhesive backing. This fabric is semi-transparent and will blend in with your gear.


2.5 x 2.5 inches (6.35cm x 6.35 cm)


.1 ounces (2.8 grams)