Summer Twin Quilt

$449.00 USD Weight 14.3 oz / 405.0 g
Lead Time Ships in 1-3 Days

Our Summer Twin Quilt is designed with just the right amount of warmth for couples on those summer nights when the forecast is 40F (4C) or above.

Some couples may be able to push this quilt down to freezing by combing it with our Zpacks Goose Down Jacket and a Fleece Hat and by sharing more body heat compared to separate sleeping bags.

Crafted with ethically sourced water-resistant goose down and soft lightweight shell material, our Summer Twin Quilt easily beats the weight, cost, and warmth of two separate sleeping bags when adventuring with a partner.

Includes a Free size Medium Zpacks Roll Top Dry Bag to pack it in! A $39.95 value!

Don't forget to add Sleeping Pad Straps to lash your pads together and block drafts from below.

  • Constructed with responsibly sourced and 'Responsible Down Standard' certified DownTek PCF-FREE water-resistant 900 fill power goose down which stays dry 90% longer than untreated down.
  • Each compartment is overstuffed with 30% more 900 Fill Power Premium Goose Down than is necessary for maximum loft to account for any future down compression.
  • Vertical baffles on the upper body keep down from migrating to the sides. Tightly spaced compartments help keep the down evenly distributed so there are no cold spots.
  • This bag features an envelope style foot box that is roomy, and fits the shape of your feet comfortably when lying on your side, on your stomach, or on your back with your feet angled out in a relaxed position. Sewn through seams keep the weight to a minimum.
  • Black fabric on one side for quick drying. Both the liner and the shell are treated with PFC-FREE durable water repellent to resist rain spray and body moisture.  

  • Either partner can easily un-tuck their side to vent, or kick their feet out if they get too hot.

  • This bag does not have a hood- wear a warm hat, or a Goose Down Hood, or size up in length if you want to pull it up around your head.  

  • A size Medium Roll Top Dry Bag is included, and adds .6 ounce (17 grams) to the listed weight. The dry bag is a comfortable fit and can be compressed smaller by squishing the contents and rolling the top down more. The packed shape fits well in all our backpack sizes.

  • All Zpacks gear has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our return / warranty policy.

  • Our sleeping bag shell and materials do not contain any harmful chemicals such as flame retardants or "forever chemicals". Our shell is treated with C0 Durable Water Repellent, which is free of PFOA and PFOs

A printable .pdf version is available here.

ISO Rating

While our sleeping bags and quilts have not been tested for their International Standard Organization (ISO) rating, we estimate based on feedback and use that they are closest to the ISO "Limit Range.“

.51 oz/sqyd Ventum Ripstop Nylon

The inner and outer shells of our Sleeping Bags and Quilts are both made from this super light, high quality, 7 denier fabric that weighs in at just .51 oz/sqyd (17 g/m²). 

Featuring a high quality "C0" durable water repellant (DWR), this ripstop and tear resistant material can also handle light mist and dew (but is not waterproof).

Ventum nylon cuts the wind while still allowing for excellent vapor transfer and breathability. With a soft texture, Ventum is not sticky or plastic feeling like some other fabrics in this weight range.

The material is down and mosquito proof and is an excellent choice for wind shell clothing and sleeping bag shells.

Ventum fabric tests at 39.5 CFM under ASTM D-737.

DownTek 900 Fill Power Water Repellent Goose Down

DownTek 900 Fill power goose down has a "CO" water repellent which allows it to stay dry over 90% longer than untreated down. The water repellent is PFOA and PFOS free. It is 'Responsible Down Standard' certified, ensuring that the animals are treated humanely. Goose down is a byproduct of the goose meat industry.

A printable .pdf version is available here.

Click here for full instructions on how to wash our down sleeping bags and quilts.