Sewing Repair Kit

$5.95 USD Weight 0.35 oz / 10.0 g
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Great item to add to your repair/ditty bag/possibles kit. In a pinch the needle can be converted to a fishing hook. It could also be used for an emergency suture if you don’t have butterfly bandages or superglue to seal a laceration.

– David G., ★★★★★

Be prepared for any mishap and keep your gear in good shape until the end of your thru-hike with this handy sewing repair kit. This kit is perfect for repairing your backpack, clothing, or any other gear items that need a touch up while on trail.

Make sure to order some repair tape for the ultimate field repair kit set up.

  • The sewing kit includes 75 feet of olive drab Kevlar thread. Kevlar thread is extremely strong and will make long lasting repairs. The muted thread color will blend in with many gear items.

  • The kit comes with a stainless steel hook-shaped needle that fits perfectly in the included case. A curved needle can be easier to push through thick areas like webbing.


.35 ounces (10 grams) including the thread, needle, case.

Thread length:

60 feet (about 18 meters)

Breaking strength:

125 lbs (56 kg)