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Our Carbon Fiber Staff allows you to support your full weight using two hands on rough terrain, while keeping one hand free on more moderate sections. This staff is an ultralight, extremely strong alternative to Zpacks Trekking Poles. It can fold down for compact packing, or can be folded to the correct height to prop up any of our tents.

  • Strong enough to easily support an adult's weight vertically. The staff can be used to hop across small streams or gaps, or to aid in lifting or lowering your body weight on steep inclines and descents.

  • The staff is much stronger than a typical trekking pole. The staff can withstand moderate horizontal pressure, but avoid putting your full body weight on it horizontally.

  • Use two hands for support on tough trail sections. Keep one hand free on moderate or flat terrain for snapping photos, swatting bugs, or having a snack on the go.

  • Thick internal carbon fiber ferrules give the staff strong joints. The lower joints are also wrapped with Dyneema Composite Fabric tape for added strength.

  • The carbon has a woven texture which naturally gives it good grip. You can quickly shift your hands up or down to any position as the terrain changes.

  • The solid titanium tip keeps the weight to a minimum and will never wear through.

  • The full 60" (152 cm) length is useful for getting leverage with two hands, but you also have the option to remove a top section and use it as a really sturdy 48" (122 cm) or 52" (132 cm) one-handed pole if you prefer. You can also fold it to those sizes (and shorter lengths) for pitching your ultralight tent.

  • The staff folds down to three even 21.5" (54.5 cm) sections and packs conveniently standing in a backpack side pocket.

  • The staff can pass through airport security folded inside your carry-on backpack. Regular trekking poles cannot be carried on due to the sharp tips.

  • Tested on a 1,900 mile Te Araroa thru-hike in New Zealand. This short video is intended only to show the strength of the staff. Jumping across large gaps with it is dangerous and not recommended. Use at your own risk.

  • All Zpacks gear has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our return / warranty policy.

  • Made in the USA.
  • The staff sections are held together by non-stretchy Dyneema Cord. The cord has a  small knot which catches in a groove under the rubber end cap to lock the staff in place. To lock or unlock the staff, remove the rubber end cap and pop the knot in or out of the groove. It needs to be pulled tight!

    If you ever notice that the sections are not held tight together, just re-tie the knot so that it is snug.

Diameter: .825" (2.1 cm)

Full Length: 60" (152 cm)

Packed Length: 21.5" (54.5 cm)

Section Lengths (not including ferrules):  7.5", 11.5", 19", 21.5" 
(19 cm, 29 cm, 48 cm, 54.5 cm)

Some Possible Folded Lengths: 21.5, 33", 40.5", 48", 52", 60"
(54.5 cm, 103 cm, 122 cm, 132 cm, 152 cm)

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Lapsley H.
United States United States

This is a very light carbon fiber trekking pole/staff that is very durable and will be a welcome addition for those times I don’t need to use dual trekking poles. Very fast fulfillment and shipping of the order was a plus.

Kerwin I.
United States United States
Very Nice!!

I've used this staff on a couple of occasions now and love the rigidity and lightweight nature of it. And being able to break it down for travel is big plus.

Ken G.
United States United States
Great Stick

Very lite weight and strong. With a small mod I added a GoPro mount and it makes a perfect selfe stick too. Very well made. Thank you for the awesome gear...

Dave S.
United States United States
Away with you poles!

Living in Southern Oregon allows plenty of opportunity to need and use poles. I do a lot of backpacking and the thing I found with poles are they're handy (although limited) when you need them but a PITA when you don't. Plus when hiking with fixed poles- duh- there's no extending for down hill or shortening them for uphill and with adjustable poles... well they can't easily be adjustable without stopping (not with two poles at least). With this staff while hiking the 1st time I immediately noticed the weight difference or should I say the lack of weight compared to a pole but I quickly realized because of the material you can easily slide up and down the pole to get whatever height you need to quickly change from flat, to uphill, to downhill... to me this makes a huge difference. One other note, I thought the tip would easily slip on rocks / smooth surfaces so I purchased a rubber can cap to use. I was pleasantly surprised that the tip does not slip at all, even on an angle and that's a good thing because the rubber tip I purchases weighs almost as much as the entire staff. Good Job ZPacks! Dave

United States United States
Tougher than I Imagined

I've had this for several years and have used it mostly for walking with dogs around our farm, hundreds of miles. I've also made a few hikes/climbs in the mountains on rocky trails. The pole looks like the day I got it. It's been dropped a lot on dirt and rocks and is no worse for wear. I'm impressed that something so lite can be so tough. One of my better outdoors buys ever.