Zpacks Titanium Flask

$49.00 Weight 3.0 oz / 85.0 g

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Our titanium flask is a sleek and ultralight way to ensure you enjoy your favorite spirits after a long day on trail.  A lighter and stronger option than steel, titanium is the perfect choice for an ultralight flask that doesn't leave your whiskey with that unpleasant metallic tinge.

Also includes a titanium funnel for refills.


Dimensions: 3.75" wide x 5.5" tall x .875" deep (9.5 cm x 14 cm x 2.2)

Volume: 8.8 oz / 260 ml

Weight: 3.0 oz / 85 grams

Funnel (not included in product weight):

Dimensions: 1.5" wide x 1.5" deep x 1.75" tall (3.8 cm x 3.8 cm x 4.4 cm)

Weight: .28 oz / 8 grams