6.5" Titanium V Stake

$3.50 USD Weight 0.39 oz / 11.0 g
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Super light weight with great holding power especially in loose soil. I keep a few in my stake bag for extra reassurance

– Josh N., ★★★★★

From soft sand to snow, the Titanium V Stakes are a great option when you need a little more stability. These V-shaped stakes are made from ultralight and ultra strong titanium. This broad stake is designed to grip loose soil and hold better in the wind compared to thinner stakes. If the ground is too firm, turn them sideways and anchor them with a rock. Although these are pretty strong, they can be bent in half if you lean your body weight on them too hard.

In windy territory you may want a full set. For normal conditions save weight with lighter stakes, and maybe add just one or two of these for additional anchors on windy nights.

These have a red-coated end, which makes them easy to see and a red cord to make them easier to pull out of the ground.

Weight: .39 ounces (11 grams)

Length: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

Width: 14 mm

Material: Ultralight Titanium

Holding Power: Best

Bend Resistance: Good

Ultralight stakes should never be hammered or they could get bent or damaged. Hold your foot in both hands for stability, and guide the stake into the ground with your body weight. If the ground is too solid to drive in stakes, anchor them with rocks instead.

Non-Freestanding tents can be pitched just about anywhere with a little creativity. If the ground is too firm, wedge just the tip of your stakes in, and then anchor them with rocks. If you are camped above tree line on stone, wrap the guy lines around rocks to anchor them. On beach sand, you can use rocks, driftwood, etc. as anchors for the tent guylines. On wooden tent platforms you can wedge the stakes between the boards, or use extra line to tie off to the ends of the platform. There are many ways to make it work if you use your imagination.