Flat Groundsheet

$99.95 USD Weight 2.4 oz / 67.0 g

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– Henry W., ★★★★★

Your tent protects you every step of the way, from harsh rainy nights to dew dropped mornings. Shield your tent floor from unnecessary wear and tear, and add longevity with a flat groundsheet.

Our tent floors are reasonably durable as-is but an extra layer doesn’t hurt for peace of mind.

This is also available as Poncho which also doubles as a pack cover.

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  • Constructed from 1.0 oz/sqyd Dyneema® Composite Fabric. The material is waterproof, and and has good abrasion and puncture resistance for its weight.

  • The perimeter has hemmed edges, and there are stake loops at the corners and at the center of the sides.

  • Groundsheets for our Free Duo and Free Trio tents feature elastics with loops at the corners allowing for the groundsheet to be attached to the tent poles at the corners of the tent.

  • The dimensions of the flat groundsheets are a couple inches narrower and shorter than the tent floor that it fits to avoid rain water pooling on the groundsheet.

  • Bathtub style groundsheets for use under flat tarps are available here.

  • All Zpacks gear has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our return / warranty policy.

  • Made in the USA.

Plex Solo / Plexamid Size

26" ends x 36" center x 88" long / (66 cm x 91 cm x 223 cm) - 2.4 oz (67 grams)

Altaplex Size

34" x 88" (86 cm x 223 cm) / 2.6 oz (74 grams)

Duplex Size

43" x 88" (109 cm x 223 cm) / 3.1 oz (88 grams)

DupleXL Size

42" x 94" (107 cm x 239 cm) / 3.4 oz (95 grams)

Triplex Size

58" x 88" (147 cm x 223 cm) / 4.3 oz (121 grams)

Offset Solo

34.5" from head to mid-torso tapering to 30.5" at the foot x 92.5" (87.5 cm to 77.5 cm x 235 cm) / 4.3 oz (121 grams)

Offset Duo

48.5" from head to mid-torso tapering to 42.5" at the foot x 92.5" (123 cm to 108 cm x 235 cm) / 2.6 oz (74 grams)

Offset Trio

64" from head to mid-torso tapering to 59" at the foot x 92.5" (162.5 cm to 150 cm x 235 cm) / 4.8 oz (135 grams)

Free Duo Size

40" x 82" (102 cm x 208 cm) / 2.8 oz (80 grams)

Free Trio

56" x 82" (142 cm x 208 cm) / 4.2 oz (119 grams)

Made with Bio-Based Dyneema® Fiber

Reduce your carbon footprint with bio-based Dyneema® fiber technology. Sourced from renewable, bio-based feedstock, it is the first ever bio-based ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE) fiber. Commit to sustainability and help reduce our reliance on fossil fuel resources and rely on the trusted performance of the world’s strongest fiber™. Click here to learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

Made in the USA.

1.0 oz/sqyd Dyneema® Composite Fabric

Dyneema® Composite Fabric is composed of high strength Dyneema® fiber laminated inside a polyester membrane. It is inherently waterproof and does not require any coatings or DWR treatment. Dyneema® Composite Fabric has very high tensile strength for its weight and does not stretch.

1 oz/sqyd Dyneema® Composite Fabric has a thicker membrane giving it more abrasion resistance. We use it for dry bags, tent floors, and groundsheets.

Tensile Strength:
 104 lb/in (911 N/5cm)

Puncture Strength: 3.5 lb (15.5 N)

Water Resistance: 20,000 mmH₂O

Made in the USA.