Nitecore NU25 400L Headlamp w/ UL Headband

$36.95 USD Weight 1.6 oz / 45.0 g
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The Nitecore NU25's ultralight weight, features, and form factor have made it a staple in the outdoor community for years. Now updated with USB-C charging, a longer run time, more lumens, and a lighter headband the Nitecore NU25 continues to push boundaries.

It features multiple brightness levels, simple controls with separate buttons for red versus white light, and a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery. The NU25 is one of the most versatile and compact headlamps available.

  • Ultralight body
  • Corded head strap reduces weight and is glow-in-the-dark and reflective for added safety.
  • IP66 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Convenient two-button control to minimize button pressing / cycling.
  • Press and hold either button to turn on/off.
  • Adjust light intensity with the Power button
  • Switch light sources with the Mode button
  • Press and hold both buttons to enter Lockout mode
  • Built-in power indicator lights (short press the mode button to display)
  • Bright White LED's provide dual beam spotlight and floodlight. for a combines 400 lumen max that can reach out to 70 yards (64 m)
  • Red LED helps preserve night vision while map reading, and night time trips to the privy. Flashing red light can also be used to signal for help.
  • Built-in 650mAh li-ion battery offers 10 hours 25 minutes of runtime on the most typically used 60 lumen Low mode. 400 lumen High mode lasts 2 hours 40 minutes.
  • Built-in USB-C fast charging rechargeable battery
  • Includes USB-C charging cable
  • Red and Green indicator lights let you see when then the unit is charging and when fully charged
  • Imported.


    2.37" x 1.45" x .098" (60.1mm x 36.8mm x 25mm)


    Headlamp w/ non-removable UL shock cord: 1.6 oz (45 g)

    Brightness Outputs:

    Dual LED | High - Output 400 Lumen | Runtime 2 hr 40 min

    Dual LED | Mid - Output 200 Lumen | Runtime 4 hr 40 min

    Dual LED | Low - Output 60Lumen | Runtime 10 hr 25 min (Default, most common setting around camp)

    Spotlight | Mid - Output 200 Lumen | Runtime 4 hr 15 min

    Spotlight | Low - Output 60 Lumen | Runtime 10 hr 30 min

    Floodlight | Mid - Output 200 Lumen | Runtime 4 hr 10 min

    Floodlight | Low - Output 60 Lumen | Runtime 10 hr 30 min

    Floodlight | Ultralow - Output 6 Lumen | Runtime 45 hr

    Red LED | Constant On - Output 10 Lumen | Runtime 16 hr

    Red LED | Slow Flashing - Output 10 Lumen

    RED LED | SOS - Output 400 Lumen

    RED LED | Beacon - Output 400 Lumen

    Technical Specifications:

    LED: White Light

    Battery Type: Built-in 650mAh li-ion

    Peak Beam Distance: 70 yds (64 m)

    Peak Beam Intensity: 1029 cd

    IP Rating: IP66

    Impact Resistance: 1 m

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