Aluminum Platform Anchor

$2.50 USD Weight 0.32 oz / 9.0 g
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Lightweight and gets the job done. On of my favorite sites in Maine uses platforms and now I don't need to bring my heavier free standing tent.

– Neil D., ★★★★★

From the White Mountains to the Overland Track, these ultralight aluminum tent platform anchors allow you to easily stake out your tent on wooden platforms.

Attach your guyline's stake loop to these with a lark's head knot, wedge the anchor between the platform planks and then tighten down the guyline to hold it tight.

These are bright blue, which makes them hard to lose.

Weight: .32 ounces (9 grams)

Length: 2.875 inches (7.3 cm)

Width: 1.375 inches (3.5 cm)

Depth: .125" (.3 cm)

Material: High grade aluminum

Holding Power: Good

Bend Resistance: Great