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ZPacks™ "Arc Slim" Backpack

The Arc Slim is a smaller, slimmed down version of the Arc Blast designed for short, fast hikes while still providing a comfortable carry via our Patent Pending Flexed Arc frame system.

This pack is identical to the 45L Arc Blast except without the pockets. A mesh center pocket and side water bottle pockets are optional.

Arc Slim Backpack:
2,100 ci (35 Liters) - 14.2 ounces (403 grams), $230
5.5" x 12.5" x 30"  (14 cm x 31.8 cm x 76 cm)

Standard Features on the Arc Blast backpack:

  • Our ultralight Flexed Arc Carbon Fiber frame keeps the pack stiff so that most weight is carried on the hips instead of the shoulders. The frame pieces and mesh back panel can be easily removed or replaced.

    The frame is curved to allow air flow and keep your back cushioned from the pack's contents. You can adjust the curve by tensioning the mesh back panel. The recommended arch is about 2.5" (6 cm), but feel free to experiment.

    The frame has two horizontal support bars for more stability.
  • Roll top closure (like our dry bags) keeps water out, and lets you roll down the top as your gear load shrinks.  All seams and attachment points are taped water tight!
  • Comfy 3/8" thick by 2.5" wide padded contoured shoulder straps and padded belt. Both the straps and the belt have a daisy chain for clipping on items, and an adjustable position sternum strap is also included.
  • By default there are no pockets for a lightweight streamlined look. Pockets can be added below as desired.
  • Side compression straps are made from non-stretch Dyneema cord for squishing down the pack volume.
  • Stretchy shock cord allows you to lash things onto the ouside of the pack.
  • A detachable webbing top strap allows you to lash on extra items to the top of the pack.
  • A centrally located Hydration Port is included to string out a drinking tube over either the left or right shoulder. A water bladder can either be hung from an internal hang loop, or laid horizontally on top of your gear.
  • 2,100 Cubic inches / 35L is enough space for short, fast trips with an ultralight gear list, or for day hiking.
  • All standard Bear Canisters, including the Bearikade Expedition and the BearVault 500 will fit in the upper half of this pack standing on end.
  • All ZPacks gear has a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Returns or exchanges are welcome, even on custom gear.
  • For more info check out the Backpack FAQs.

Torso Height:
The torso height measurement on our packs is the actual distance on the backpack from the bottom of the padded belt to the top of the shoulder strap attachment. If you already own a pack that you like the fit of, measure it directly from the bottom of the belt stitching to the highest point the shoulder straps are sewn.

Otherwise you can ballpark a measurement on your body using this Torso Height Measurement graphic.

Note that some backpack models attach their straps lower down, and they rely on load lifter straps to pull the shoulder straps up over the shoulder. I personally like my straps to ride about horizontally over the top of my shoulder and I skip the load lifter straps. You may want to factor that into your measurement.

Belt Length:
There are 3 belt sizes to choose from. The indicated length is the minimum belt adjustment.

Use a string or cloth tape measure to measure tight around the spot you want your belt to ride. Don't rely on your pant size.

Our medium belt has 30" of padding tip to tip. So for example if you measure 35" you could wear a medium belt with 5 inches of gap in the front for your belt buckle. A large belt (34") might not be tight enough if you loose a little weight.

Colors: New Hybrid Colors are available! Please note that Indigo looks blue in outdoor lighting (as shown) but has a purple hue to it in indoor lighting.

There is a waiting list for this item, see the notice at the top of the page.

Don't forget to scroll down through the additional options!

Arc Slim Backpack - $230
Torso Height
Belt Length
This backpack has been discontinued. You can still get it though- Order a 45L Arc Blast and let us know if you want to leave off features that you don't want.

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Steve B. shares his thoughts and photos in this Arc Slim Backpack Review.