#3 Double-Pull Zipper Slider

$0.50 Weight 0.08 oz / 2.3 g

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Don’t let a worn out zipper ruin your well loved gear. These replacement sliders will fit the #3 zipper tape used on all Zpacks tents, sleeping bags, and accessories. They have a pull tab on both sides, so the zipper can be accessed from the inside or outside of your gear.


.08 ounces (2.3 grams) each

If your zippers are not sealing correctly the usual culprit is the metal on the sides of the sliders has worn down. The metal naturally wears down over time, especially in dusty trail conditions. Luckily they are easy to replace on trail:

  1. Cut the ends of the zipper tape so the old sliders can slide off.

  2. Push on the new sliders with your fingertip. The sliders have grooves in the sides which must match the orientation of the zipper tape. The bumpy side of the zipper tape needs to fit in the grooves on the sliders. If the zipper has two sliders (like a tent door), make sure they zip together evenly at the center.

  3. Tape the ends of the zipper tape so the sliders can't slide off. Our Dyneema Composite Fabric repair tape works well.