50 Feet 2.0 mm Z-Line Slick Cord

$14.95 USD Weight 1.7 oz / 48.0 g
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Used the cord on a section hike on the AT for 5 days To hang my bear bag. Worked fantastically! Much better and lighter than my old parachute cord.

– Harry M., ★★★★★

Keep your delicious trail food out of the hands of those hungry bears. This cord is made of solid braided 100% UHMWPE fiber with no sheathe. It is smooth and slick which allows it to slide over branches easier, perfect for bear bagging. This diameter cord is easy to grab a hold of and tangle resistant.

The slick line is not as bright and doesn't grip as well as the sheathed Z-Line, but it is stronger by weight.

Breaking Strength: over 200 lbs

Weight: .1 ounces per yard (3 grams/meter)

Weight per 50ft: 1.7 ounces (48 grams)