Brushtail Possum Mittens

$29.95 USD Weight 1.1 oz / 31.0 g
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Winter weather can be harsh, but when the digits drop yours don’t have to feel the chill. Made from a combination of New Zealand's brushtail possum fur, and New Zealand Merino lamb's wool, these Brushtail Possum mittens provide plenty of warmth when you need it most.

The mittens help keep your hands warm and cozy on those cold fall and winter nights.

These mittens are a great companion to the Brushtail Possum Socks, and can be used as a liner under our Vertice Rain Mitts

*Mittens are non-returnable if they have been removed from the packaging.

Our Brushtail Possum Mittens are produced by combining the fur of New Zealand's brushtail possum and New Zealand Merino lamb's wool.

The hair of brushtail possum is hollow, just like Polar Bear hair, which provides incredible warmth and water resistant.  While typical wool gloves may stay warm when wet, they take forever to dry. If you put these gloves in water, the water shakes right out and they dry quickly.

New Zealand's possums are unrelated to the opossums found in the United States. They are super cute, but they are also an invasive species that destroy the native plant and bird life.

29% Brushtail Possum Fiber

51% Merino Wool

19% Nylon

1% Elastic

Made in New Zealand.

These mittens are stretchy, but they run a bit small. They may shrink a bit if they are dried in a dryer. It is better to size up if on the line.


This item can be hand washed with warm water and soap or in a traditional washing machine.


The gloves should be line dried. Putting the gloves in a dryer may cause them to shrink a bit, but they do stretch back out.