Campfire Cocktails

After a long day of hiking trails and miles on your feet, you’re ready for a relaxing evening by the fire. And, of course, a well-deserved drink. If you’re looking for something other than a six-pack, we’ve got you covered. Try one of these tasty cocktails as you sip them from your camp cup as the fire crackles and the sun begins to dip below the mountains. It sounds like the perfect evening, doesn’t it? And, with only a few ingredients, they’re easy to whip up, pack up, and carry: it’s a win-win. 


Moscow Mule

Mix together Vodka, ginger beer, a splash of lime juice, and mint. Of course, a copper cup is always nice, but we won’t tell if you fill your camp cup instead.


John Daly

All you need is Vodka and lemonade iced tea. It doesn’t get any easier than this delicious drink. Imagine pouring yourself one of these and laying in your tree hammock, listening to the river.



Mix together Vodka, grapefruit juice, and a spritz of lime juice and drop in a few ice cubes from the cooler. If you’re feeling a little festive or celebratory, this one’s for you.


Dark and Stormy

Rum, ginger beer, and a hint of lime juice are all you need for this moody drink. Best suited for fall afternoons or cool nights around the fire, telling adventure stories and waiting for the moon to make its appearance.


Whiskey Ginger

It’s as easy as it sounds: pour some Whiskey, add some ginger beer or ginger ale, and you’re good to go. It tastes even better when listening to some good tunes under a cotton candy sky. (You can check out the hand painted mug here)


Hot drinks

If you’re looking for some warm drinks for a colder night around the fire, try your hand at one of these crafty cocktails.


Spiked Hot Chocolate

Always a favorite, and also one of the easiest to make. Boil some water, add your hot chocolate powder mix of your choosing, and a splash of your favorite chocolate liquor, bourbon, or vanilla vodka. If you’re off-season camping or up in the mountains, this one is perfect.


Vanilla Cider Cocktail

Warm up some apple cider on the stove or fire, add in some vanilla vodka, and take some sips to warm up your belly on a cold night. Two ingredients, lots of taste.


Hot Toddy

Boil some water, add some Whiskey, honey, and lemon and—viola—your evening got ten times better.


Cocktails don’t just belong at a fancy dinner; they can be made around the fire with simple ingredients. Instead of packing the six-pack, fill a couple of flasks and be a camp-mixologist for the weekend. You deserve something tasty after a long day in the outdoors, and these recipes will not disappoint.  



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