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ZPacks™ "Zero" Ultralight Backpack

Three Sizes to Choose From:

Size Small:
Body Volume: About 1,700 cubic inches / 27.5 liters
Weight: 4.0 ounces / 113 grams
Body Dimensions: 10" wide x 6" deep x 28" tall
(25.5cm x 15cm x 71cm)

Size Medium:
Body Volume: About 2,200 cubic inches / 36 liters
Weight: 4.2 ounces / 119 grams
Body Dimensions: 12" wide x 6" deep x 29" tall
(30.5cm x 15cm x 74cm)

Size Large:
Body Volume: About 2,800 cubic inches / 44 liters
Weight: 4.6 ounces / 130 grams
Body Dimensions: 13" wide x 6.5" deep x 31" tall
(33cm x 16.5cm x 79cm)

Two Materials to Choose From:

1.43 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber is difficult to puncture or tear and can last for a full 2,500+ mile thru-hike with some care and probably some repair tape. Tape sticks well to this material so repairs in the field are a cinch. Choose this material if you want the lightest pack possible.

2.92 oz/sqyd Cuben Hybrid material is the same Cuben fiber as above, except with a protective layer of 50 denier Polyester on the outside which gives it more strength, prevents fraying, and gives it a nice solid color. It is very tough and should last longer than a thru-hike. Choose this material if weight is not as critical and you want a pack that can take more abuse. The Arc Blast backpacks are made from this material.


The Zero is built just like the regular backpacks except that by default it has zero pockets or options. Add just the pockets and options you need to create a customized minimalist backpack.

  • Comfy 3/8" thick by 2.5" wide padded contoured shoulder straps. A daisy chain and sternum strap are now included in the price and weight. A belt and other options are available below.
  • Bonded reinforcements behind the shoulder straps (and belt if you add one), for a super secure hold.
  • All ZPacks gear has a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
  • For more info check out the Backpack FAQs.
Order the Backpack:

Backpacks are currently built and shipped in about one week. If you need your gear by a certain date please email us after you order and we will schedule accordingly if possible.

There are a handful of lightly used Backpacks in our Bargain Bin!

Don't forget to scroll down through the additional options!
1.43 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber Zero Backpack
2.92 oz/sqyd Cuben Hybrid Zero Backpack
Size Small Shown:

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Add Options:
Backpacks are built when you order them with the options you specify. Returns or exchanges are always accepted, even on custom built packs.
Side Pockets
These pockets are the same as the pockets on the regular packs. They are sized to fit 1 or 1.5 liter bottles, and are positioned low on the pack and slanted forward for easy access without removing the pack. 2 or 3 Liter platypus style bottles will also fit.

All pockets have drain holes in the bottom to drain rain water. (Roughly 135 cubic inches / 2.2L each)

Weight: .4 oz / 12 grams each   Price: $20 each
Mesh Center Pocket
A large center pocket is great for quick access items like food for the day, clothing etc. Mesh is a popular choice since you can see your gear and it lets you dry wet clothing. Mesh will hold more than a solid pocket since it stretches.

The dimensions of the pocket are 3" deep by 16" tall by the width of the pack you choose. Roughly 500 cubic inches / 8.2L

Weight: .7 oz / 20 grams    Price: $20
Webbing Belt
A simple nylon webbing belt, available in .75" or 1" width, and various lengths. 1" is the most common width.

A belt adds stability, transfers weight off your shoulders, and allows you to hang the pack away from your back when its hot by loosening the shoulder straps.

We can also make this belt detachable but it adds about .2 to .3 oz.

Weight: 1.2 oz / 34 grams to 2 oz depending on length. Price: $15
Belt Size:

Padded Belt
This belt is made from 4" wide x 3/8" thick closed cell foam. The fabric will match your pack fabric.

There are 3 belt sizes to choose from. The indicated length is the minimum belt adjustment.

Use a string or cloth tape measure to measure tight around the spot you want your belt to ride. Don't rely on your pant size.

Our medium belt has 30" of padding tip to tip. So for example if you measure 35" you could wear a medium belt with 5 inches of gap in the front for your belt buckle.

Weight: 2 to 2.5 oz / 57 to 71 grams    Price: $45
Torso Height:
The torso height measurement on our packs is the actual distance on the backpack from the bottom of the padded belt to the top of the shoulder strap attachment. Your best bet for sizing is to find an existing pack that you like and measure it directly from the bottom of the belt stitching to the highest point the shoulder straps are sewn. The shoulder straps should be positioned level with, or a bit below the tops of your shoulders.

Price: $0
Sternum Strap
A sternum strap made from 1/2" nylon webbing and a side release clip is added to your shoulder straps at chest level. It can be moved between multiple positions, and it comes off if you don't need it.

This is included in the price and weight.

Hydration Port
A Hydration port can be added to your pack above the shoulder straps to string out a drinking tube. You can leave the bottle loose on top of your gear, or add a water sleeve below. The tube can come out over either shoulder.

Weight: .05 oz  /  2 gram    Price: $10

Water Sleeve
An internal pocket is added to the backpack to hold a water bladder against your back. It fits a 2 or 3 liter Platypus or other similarly sized bladders. This is usually combined with the hydration port above.

Pictured is an inside out backpack with a 3 liter platypus.

Weight: .3 oz  / 8.5 grams    Price: $20

Key Pouch

A small pouch with a zipper is clipped inside the backpack just behind the shoulder straps. This is a good spot to safely store your car keys and wallet until you get back to the trailhead. The pocket is located near the top of the pack so that you can access it w/o digging too far into your gear. The pocket can be added later, or taken out for other uses.

If you order this later w/o a backpack, we include two stick-on-loops to hang the pouch from. The loops can be positioned anywhere inside the backpack. The usual spot is just above/behind the shoulder straps. The stick on loops will adhere to Cuben Fiber, as well as any polyurethane coated backpack material.

The pouch measures about 7" wide x 5.5" tall (18 x 14 cm).

Weight: .3 oz  /  9 grams    Price: $15
Top Strap
A 1/2" webbing top strap is added to the top center of your pack for lashing an item above your pack's center pocket. Perfect for a stuff sack with rain gear, a sleeping pad, snow crampons or other items. The strap is detachable when you don't need it.

A top strap is extremely convenient for stowing rolled up rain gear in on and off rain, or for lashing a stuff sack of gear when the main body of your pack is full to the top with food.

Weight: .5 oz  /  14 grams    Price: $10
Base Straps
Two adjustable straps are added near the base of your pack. These can be used to secure a sleeping pad, a stuff sack, or other long item right below your pack's center pocket.

Weight: .3 oz  /  8.5 grams   Price: $10
Side Straps
A pair of adjustable side straps are added to the sides of this pack. They can be added near the top of the pack, or at the middle of the pack, or both.

The top side straps allow you to stand tall items like a trekking pole, fishing pole, or umbrella in the side pockets. They are also good for clipping small items like a hat, and for compressing the pack.

The middle side straps aid in compressing the pack, and let you secure tall water bottles, etc in the side pockets.

Weight: .3 oz  /  8.5 grams per pair  Price: $15 per pair
Shock Cord Lashing
3/32" Shock cord is criss-crossed along the front of the backpack. It can be used to strap on items like wet clothing or a wet tent, snow shoes or other items. The shock cord can be detached when not needed.

This includes seven small attachment loops that are sewn to your pack.

Weight: .5 oz  /  14 grams    Price: $15
Haul Loop
A simple webbing haul loop is added above the shoulder straps for lifting the pack. If you choose not to add this just lift by grabbing the top of the pack, or the straps.

Weight: .1 oz  /  3 gram   Price: $5
Roll Top Closure
By default the pack will have a draw cord closure. The draw cord can be secured near the bottom of the pack to cinch the pack smaller.

If you prefer a roll top closure like our dry bags instead then add this option.

Weight: .4 oz  /  11 grams   Price: $5
Ice Axe Loops
A pair of loops are attached at each corner of the pack for securing ice axes. The head of each axe secures through a loop at the bottom, the handle is kept tight at the top with a shock cord band. The loops can all come off when you aren't carrying axes.

Weight: .1 oz  /  3 grams    Price: $10
Sleeping Pad Shock Cord
Loops and shock cord are added to your pack to lash on a sit pad or sleeping pad against your back.

Weight: .2 oz  /  6 grams    Price: $15
Load Lifter Straps
A pair of load lifter straps are sewn to your shoulder straps. Some people find these helpful to pull the top of the pack in towards their shoulders. The Zero backpack does not have a frame as shown, so the lifters would be sewn directly to the pack material.

Weight: .2 oz  / 5.7 grams    Price: $10
Trekking Pole Holders
Adjustable shock cord loops with cord locks are attached to your shoulder strap and to your belt to temporarily hold a trekking pole at either side. These are convenient if you want to quickly stow your poles for climbing,  road walking, or other situations where you don't need your poles temporarily. You can stow them and retrieve them without stopping to remove your pack.

You can easily attach these to any older ZPacks backpacks, or other brand packs. These are attached to both shoulder straps, but can be easily popped off when not needed. Some people also move these up higher on the shoulder strap for securing a water bottle or umbrella.

Weight: .4 oz / 12 grams per set of 4 loops.  Price: $10
Belt Pouches
These pouches clip securely to the daisy chain on your padded belt. They have taped seams, a waterproof zipper, and are highly water resistant. Each pouch has about 1 liter of volume and is perfect for maps, snacks, hat and gloves, gadgets, you name it.

These are detachable and can be used on non-ZPacks backpacks as well. They are symmetrical and can be switched left or right.

Dimensions: About 6" wide, by 2" deep, by 5" tall.

Weight .75 oz / 21 grams each  Price: $25 each / $45 per pair
Belt Pouch Details Here
Shoulder Pouches
These clip to your shoulder straps and are an excellent spot for your camera, GPS, phone, sunglasses, or other items that you want to grab quickly. Mesh on the front of the pouch gives you additional storage for small items like chap stick, keys, etc. They can also be used for .5L water bottles to counter balance a small pack.

These are detachable and can be used on non-ZPacks backpacks as well. They are symmetrical and can be switched left or right.

Weight: .5 oz  /  14 grams each   Price: $25 each / $45 pair
Shoulder Pouch Details Here
Multi-Pack - Four in One Backpack Lid / Chest Pack / Belt Pack
This four-in-one backpack accessory can be attached to the top of your pack as a lid, carried on your chest as a front pack, or worn at your hips as a fanny pack, or carried over your shoulder as a satchel.  About 3.5 liters / 215 cubic inches volume.

2.8 ounces - 80 grams   Price: $45
Multi-Pack Details Here
Tape the Seams
Our Arc backpacks are taped by default. If you would like to have all the seams on your Zero taped you can add it here. Tape strengthens the seams and keeps water out. You may still want a second layer of water defense like a pack liner or pack cover.

.5 ounces - 14 grams   Price: $30

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

Jesse Bough has done a nice Review of his Hybrid medium Zero
Ray Estrella's Review of his vintage green Zero
"I just finished the 250km Racing the Planet Iceland race on August 10th. I ran using your small Zero Pack (with padded belt and pockets) and your 30F 900 Fill Sleeping Bag. In the pack I carried 7 days of food, rain gear, cold weather gear, your sleeping bag, and my other gear. The pack handled the 250km of running with no issue. No blisters, no chaffing."  -Nate E.
"I received my new Zero backpack last week and am grateful it was delivered under five weeks. I used it last weekend for an overnight camping bushwalk and it meet all be expectations. It's great having a product that is customized to my exact needs. Thank you. By the way, the tarp I bought last year is super." -Trevor C.
Cesar compares his array of Zero Backpacks and his Arc Blast in this review.
"Hey Joe, just returned from China. Loved the zero backpack! It went literally everywhere with me. Held all my stuff and doubled as day pack after dumping stuff off at hostels." -Luke H.
"I want to thank you for making the Zero backpack -- I finished my AT thru hike a few weeks ago & the pack was ridiculously good (I have a small with taped seams, load lifters, center pocket, top strap, roll top, and detachable webbing belt). It was extremely comfortable, waterproof, durable, and I love it -- I ended the trail with a base weight of 6 pounds, I never even had to use the webbing belt which was totally freeing. I feel like the Zero pack is a well kept secret -- I didn't meet a single other hiker with one (lots had the Arc Blast)." -Rafael M. 
"Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for my Zero pack. You got it to me a week early for my AT thru-hike. The pack is easily the most comfortable I've had. Perfect size for my setup at 36L, the Cuben keeps out rain, and honestly it is still in pristine condition 1/3 of way through. The Army green color is actually really nice in person, more of a leaf green really. I've had no hesitation recommending ZPacks and especially the Zero to the many people who have asked about my pack. The only negative thing about it is between the pack and my dress many people don't believe I'm a thru-hiker!" -Haiku
"My Small Zero Backpack (with side pockets, front mesh, and lid has been to the top of Kilimanjaro 65 km (alt. 19,341 ft.) and hiked:

The English Pennine Way, 429 km
New Zealand's Te Araroa, 3000 km
Nepal's Helambu and Annapurna circuits, total: 300 km
The Camino Frances track of the Camino Santiago + Muxia and Finisterre, 900 km
end the Trans-Swiss Trail to Chiasso, 493km.
Total: 5123 km
Still as good as new--not failure, no visible wear." -Hugh C.
"I thought you might be interested in a photo of my Zero backpack at the Abriachan Eco Campsite and Café on the Great Glen Way, Scotland 5th June 2016. The pack has performed well and I think does a good job of reflecting your company's ethos. It can carry enough gear for a four day hike (including food and water) and enables you to 'lighten up' the load. It also prompted much interest from several hikers staying in the Glen Affric Youth Hostel at Altbeithe. With any luck, you may get some potential business from the curious inquisitors!" -Dave F.