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ZPacks™ Pointy Hat


The ZPacks Pointy Hat is the only hat that keeps your head comfortable regardless of the weather and which is a useful piece of gear 24 hours a day. It provides cool shade and breeze in the sun, and is waterproof in the rain. It even doubles as a foam sit-pad for breaks and padding for your sleep system at night.


  • Constructed from Hybrid 2.92 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber on the outside, black 1.0 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber on the inside, and 3/8" closed cell sleeping pad foam in the center.

    A zipper on the back allows it to open up flat for use as a sit pad, a partial sleeping pad, and for easy packing.
  • The Pointy Hat requires a normal visor or baseball cap underneath (not included). The pointy hat clips to the visor or hat brim in the front to keep it very secure and prevent it from flipping up, or blowing down into your face in the wind. A chin strap is also included.

    A visor or breathable hat is recommended so that your head has air flow on top and stays cool. A separate visor or hat is also useful to wear by itself around town or on lower profile days. Any visor or cap will work, we have Headsweats Visors available.
  • This hat easily outperforms most other wide brimmed hats in the wind and rain. Comparable hats can flop around in the wind or blow into your face but the stiff visor brim solves that issue.

    Any normal rain hat would overheat in the sun, but this hat rides lightly on the top of your head so you still get air flow and stay cool. The foam also insulates you from the heat.

    It even works well in the cold with a winter hat over or under your visor.
  • The 16 inch wide brim offers great sun protection! The back of the hat is slightly squared off so that it is less likely to bump your backpack. Wide brimmed hats like this work best if your pack is not sticking up too high.
  • The outer shell of the hat is waterproof and has no exposed seams other than the waterproof zipper. Even the zipper is taped for drip-free rain protection.
  • The hat has two hang loops so that you can clip it to your backpack when not in use. It is useful to clip it at two points both for security and also to keep it from twisting around in the wind when it is riding on your backpack. Two carabiners are included for clipping it in place- they should be moved to your backpack for hanging.
  • When you are traveling the hat should be coiled around a stuff sack and packed inside your backpack. Try not to make tight creases.
  • All ZPacks gear has a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Returns or exchanges are welcome.

Weight - 3.9 ounces (110 grams)
Width Flat - About 20 inches (51 cm)
Width as a cone - About 16 inches (41 cm)

Several Colors are available.


Clothing items are made to order and are currently shipping in about one week. If you need your gear by a certain date please email us after you order and we will schedule accordingly if possible.

Our remaining stock of new Challenger Rain Jackets and Pants are available in our Bargain Bin!

Pointy Hat - $65

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Steve at Willis Wall Blog gives his review of the Pointy Hat
"The Pointy hat works great! I thought the cutout on the back was strange at first, but I now see it would hit the pack all the time without it. Good thinking Joe!" --Mark S.
"I used my pointy hat last week section hiking the Florida Trail through Ocala…. It was the envy of everyone in my group and I LOVED it. My head stayed so cool and comfortable, and I barely needed sunscreen on my face. The hat was my favorite piece of equipment on the trip!" -Sharon J.
"I think of the pointy hat as half umbrella. Perhaps you could name it 'Hat/Umbrella'? It sheds rain and even hail out over your shoulders and front. In short showers I wouldn’t bother putting on a jacket as I knew most of my upper half would stay dry. Water still drips down between your back and pack however, but the blunted rear is great for avoiding pack banging. The hat is a work of genius designed by some wizard. I received many compliments for the hat. It’s obvious downside is in high wind - anything over 40mph per hour and it would turn into a sail. The chin strap is comfortable but in high winds it’s better to switch to a hood." -James Q.
"My pointy hat is fantastic! Took it on a summer trip which had a few days of beating sun followed (as always) by some heavy rain, and in both sets of weather it was like cruising along under a personal verandah. Tempted to buy five more in case you stop making them." -Adrian B.