A5 Hat Clip Flashlight (USB-C)

$36.95 USD Weight 0.78 oz / 22.0 g

Lead Time Ships in 1-3 Days

The RovyVon Aurora A5 is the minimalist headlamp that ultralight hikers have been dreaming of.  The A5 can be clipped to a hat brim for hands free night hiking or reading, or toggle to lantern mode to light up your whole tent with red or white light.

The clip can also connect to our clasp lock trekking poles to light up the ground when night hiking, or to light up your tent when the trekking pole is used as a tent support.

The clip is magnetic and can be stuck to our magnet tent door toggles on tent models that have them, or to other metal surfaces.

The RovyVon A5 features a 330mAh battery with USB-C charging.

  • Ultralight, compact size stores easily. Clip it to your backpack to keep it handy, or to your pants pocket as an every day carry light.

  • Clip it to your hat brim for hands free use, or to your trekking pole clasp to illuminate the ground, or your tent.

  • Front light features White LED with 4 different intensity setting.

  • Side light (lantern mode) features two different white intensity settings, a constant red, and a blinking red beacon setting.

  • Built-in 330mAh Lipo USB-C rechargeable battery offers up to 8 hours runtime on the most typically used 25 lumen low mode, 2 hours on 200 lumen medium, or 1.5 hours on 650 lumen High mode.

  • Glow in the dark body allows you to easily find the flashlight if you set it down in the dark.

  • Easy to use single button operation prevents accidental activation. Double click to turn on headlamp mode, triple click to turn on side light lantern mode. Single click to cycle through moonlight, low, med, high.

  • Rapid click 5 times to activate or deactivate lockout mode.

  • Removable magnetic clip allows you to attach the light to the front of your hat or to stick it to metal objects, like the magnetic door toggles featured on some of our tents. The listed weight includes the clip.

  • Removable magnetic base allows you to attach the bottom of the light to metal objects.

  • Two different size key rings come standard with the A5.

  • Imported.


2.38" tall x .61" diameter (60.5 mm tall x 15.5 mm diameter)


Light: 0.63 oz (18.0 g)

Magnetic Clip: 0.15 oz (4.3 g)

Magnetic Detachable Base: 0.02 oz (0.7 g)

Small Key Ring: 0.3 oz (0.9 g)

Large Key Ring: 0.7 (2.0 g)

Brightness Outputs:

 - Front Light

Moon - Output .5 lms | Runtime 72 hr | Intensity n/a | Distance n/a 

Low - Output 25 lms | Runtime 8 hr | Intensity 160 cd | Distance 72 ft (22 m)

Med - Output 200 lms | Runtime 2 hr | Intensity 700 cd | Distance 207 ft (63 m)

High - Output 650 lms | Runtime 1.5 hr | Intensity 2500 cd | Distance 361 ft (110 m)

 - Side Light

Low - Output 10 lms | Runtime 6.5 hr

High - Output 50 lms | Runtime 100 mins 


Front LED: SST-20 6500K - White Light

Side LED: A5R - White Light / Red Light

  • UV Wavelength: 365nm
  • Red Wavelength: 425nm
  • White: 4000K Warm White

Material: GITD Polycarbonate

Working Voltage: 2.8V-4.2V

Battery Type: Built-in 330mAh Lipo rechargeable battery

Water Resistance: IPX6

Front Light

Momentary On: Press and hold button

Constant On: Rapidly double click button

-Single press button to cycle from High, to Moon, Low, and Medium.

Off: Press and hold button for half a second

Side Light

Constant On: Rapidly triple click button

-Single press button to cycle from Low White, to High White, to Red, and flashing Red Beacon.

Off: Press and hold button for half a second

Lock Out Mode

Enter: Rapidly click button five times (the front emitter will blink two times)

Exit: Rapidly click button five times (the front emitter will blink three times)