Bargain Item Policy

All bargain items are guaranteed to be in fully functional condition. Our normal return policy and 2 year limited warranty applies to bargain items.

Please note, we can not accommodate requests for pictures or specific information on each individual item's flaw. In some cases we may have multiple of the same item available and we are not able to hand select or guarantee which one you get. All bargain items are in fully functional condition.

This item is discounted for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The item may have a cosmetic flaw such as a streak or a splotch in the dye.

  • The item may have fully functional, but wavy stitching or errant stitching which is sealed with seam tape.

  • The item may have been lightly damaged during construction or sewn incorrectly, and has been repaired to fully functional condition.

  • The item may be a return, an exchange, or demo item that was tried out outside and is in nearly-new condition.

  • Clearance items are brand new items in a color or style that has been discontinued.