An Adventure of a Lifetime


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Well, Highlander is ready to give it to you.


Founded in 2017 in the beautiful mountains of the Croatian seacoast, Highlander is a global adventure series dedicated to providing a hiking experience like none other.

Highlander creates carefully curated hiking routes that provide some of the most beautiful scenery, and visit some of the most breathtaking and iconic mountains in the world.

Even though Highlander is a long-distance hiking event, it's not just for professional hikers, but also for those of you who love nature and are eager for outdoor activity. Trails are carefully designed by local mountaineers, so every trail offers a unique experience and story for you to take home, share... and eventually come back for a new one.

The routes are broken down into three unique adventure formats that suit each individual's abilities and schedule.


Highlander Orion: 2 Days, ~15 Miles (25 km)
Highlander Pegasus: 3 Days, ~30 Miles (50 km)
Highlander Hercules: 5 Days, ~60 Miles (100 km)

The end of each day features a checkpoint where organizers provide food, water, and entertainment. This is a great opportunity to mingle with the other participants and bond over your common love of the outdoors.

The camaraderie and fellowship between the participants and the organizers themselves help to make Highlander one of the most unique backcountry experiences that you’ll ever have. Leave the route and food logistics to Highlander and simply focus on the beauty of nature and the new friendships blossoming on the trail.

So embrace the challenges, get out of your comfort zone, and experience the adventure of a lifetime as you become a Highlander.