Minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand. Minimizing our footprint and creating sustainable practices reduces our impact on the environment. Whether it’s through our designs, materials, or our packaging, we are committed to principles that result in the smallest impact possible.

Sustainable Materials

The majority of our products feature Avient’s bio-based Dyneema® fiber technology. Sourced from renewable, bio-based feedstock, it is the first ever bio-based ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE) fiber. The fabric allows us to commit to sustainability while helping to reduce reliance on fossil fuel resources.


Packageless Products

At Zpacks, our approach to design focuses on optimal feature sets and providing products that have exactly what they need and nothing more.  Our packaging considerations follow this same process.  Most items are shipped loose in the box and are free from individual packaging, removable tags, labels, and other marketing collateral that is traditionally removed immediately and thrown in the trash.


Sustainable Shipping

Zpacks is focused on limiting the long term effects of our package deliveries by ensuring that our shipping materials are sustainable.  We are currently transitioning all of our shipping supplies to biodegradable, compostable, recycled, or recyclable materials in an effort to minimize our footprint as much as possible. Zpacks also ships directly to customers from our single manufacturing facility in West Melbourne, FL.  Keeping everything in one location eliminates the added carbon footprint of using off site distribution centers which would require shipping the same items multiple times.