Kristian Morgan: Appalachian Trail SOBO FKT

In August 2023, just one day after summitting Mt. Katahdin and completing the Appalachian Trail NOBO in just 44 days (second fastest NOBO supported time), Kristian Morgan turned around and departed for Springer Mountain in his attempt to set the SOBO supported FKT for the Appalachian Trail, which has been held by Karl Meltzer since 2016. On September 16th, 2023, after just 45 Days, 4 hours, and 27 minutes, Kristian completed the A.T. with the fastest known southbound supported time. During his record setting adventure, Kristian used the Duplex Tent with two 48" Carbon Fiber Tent Poles, and the 20F Zip Around Sleeping Bag

Kristian Morgan is an Ultra Runner and Ultra Running coach with 20+ years of trail running experience. Along with his new accomplishment on the A.T., He currently holds the FKT for the longest trail in the UK, The South West Coast Path. In 2024, he will make another attempt at setting the NOBO supported FKT for the Appalachian Trail. 

Kristian's A.T. Sobo Trip Report

"For the past 45 days, Gun Section has taken care of my social media. First and foremost, thank you Gun Section for being a great crew member, and an even greater Mum.

Ice Man worked alongside Gun Section to form the ultimate support crew to get me from Katahdin to Springer Mountain in record time. Ice Man may as well be one of my closest family members, as my love for him is that great. Thank you Ice Man.

These two angels formed the foundation for my five points of gratitude.

- My mother

- Ice Man

- My body

- The opportunity

- The experience 

My body has been there for me from the beginning until the end. Carried me 2198 miles without any problem. There were some compromises along the way like the day I moved 16 miles and jumped in a motel to rest an overuse injury due to 16 hours of intermittent ankle-deep mud In Vermont. But somethings are nonnegotiable and you have to listen to your body.

The opportunity is not always there for you. But on this occasion due to generous individual who gave me a loan which was 50% forgivable if I got to the finish, helped make this happen. You know who you are. Thank you.

The experience will forever be etched into my memory. Life is now sweeter. I can sit down and enter into my memories and smile on that audacious, exciting and successful journey we all had.

Finally, thank you to Karl Meltzer, who set this astounding record, and to you, the followers who brought this journey alive."