Hiker Profile : Nil Hoppenot

"Hey everyone I am Nil from Deux Pas Vers L'Autre and with Marie, my girlfriend, we are thru-hiking all Southern Europe.

The idea behind our trip is quite simple we wanted to discover more. More of those places that are next to us. People, culture, traditions, landscape, everything that our continent has to offer.

Our route takes us from Portugal to Turkey, more than ten thousand kilometer across 17 countries. This route it is our route.

We decide day by day we are flexible and we like to feel really free. We believe that randomness is the beauty of the trip.

Going from villages to villages all across Europe allows us to really embrace the culture and the tradition that soon might be lost.

Countries after countries we discover the same villages that are getting abandoned.

The school closes, the shops and the people go. The life is dying there and this is also something we really want to preserve with this project.

Many people ask us how do we communicate with all these people we meet on the way. It is all of a mindset. It is not the people at first we need to be ready for the encounters, but it is you.

If you open yourself the people will come to you they will feel it and good things will happen. Every day we are also amazed by the diversity of the landscapes in Europe.

From the Alps to the desert of the Bahrainis in Spain beautiful primal forest and some absolutely stunning coastlines.

Aside this project we decided to start a little challenge before the adventure. We called it One Kilo for the Planet.

The idea is simple, in our packs we keep all the time some space for the waste we encounter to clean our trails which is something we should all do we just decided to put a name on it, to show each other that we are doing it to build a little community around it and to create as well something which will outlive this adventure.

We believe it is some simple things that you can do on the way, it is satisfying, it makes you feel good, and it makes the planet feel better."