Favorite Simple Thru-Hiker Trail Recipes




Matt “Details”
This one is easy; Doritos! They are the perfect snack for when you are taking a break. While they might not provide much nutrition, they’ve helped me regain my appetite after a long day of pushing it on the trail. They are also great crushed up in your Idahoan potatoes.

Benny "Plug-It In"
My favorite trail foods are Snickers and cold-soaked oatmeal with almond butter. The Snickers provides a little sugar boost with a little added protein while providing a little extra energy to push for a few extra miles. It also gives you a little energy boost when you’re trying to get over that next mountain. For my breakfast I usually cold soak oatmeal with almond butter overnight. That way I have a great breakfast with enough carbs and protein to help get your day off to a great start. The oatmeal provides lots of nutrients and packed full of good fats and calories. Plus it’s very satisfying.

"Samurai" Joe
I love cheese and crackers, or cheese and bagels, or cheese and croissants. Some people don't realize it but cheese will last for weeks unrefrigerated. Doritos. Chocolate. Any high-calorie junk food is also good, although I avoid stuff that is mostly corn syrup.


The combination of Couscous with Hummus, dehydrated vegetables and tuna is the best combination that gives you energy.


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