How to Store a Tent

Your tent is most likely the most expensive piece of gear you own, don’t let the way you store it destroy it. If you take care of your tent it can last you 1,000’s of miles. Good news, storing your tent is very easy. You simply need to follow three steps

     1. Make Sure Your Tent is Clean
     2. Dry Your Tent
     3. Store Your Tent 

Make Sure Your Tent is Clean

It might be a little tedious, but cleaning your tent before you store it is important. Keeping your tent clean will extend your tent's life. Plus you get the added bonus of not having to pull out a stinky tent for your next adventure. Here is how to clean Dyneema® Composite Fabric

Dry Your Tent

Just like every other piece of gear, make sure you store your tent dry. Storing your tent wet will make it mildewy and smell. To dry your tent lay it out in the sun until it is dry. You should not put Dyneema Composite Fabric® in the dryer. 

Store Your Tent

Once your tent is clean and dry you can store it compressed in a stuff sack. If you want to take extra precautions you can store it in a bag that contains your tent but does not compress it (although that is not necessary) 


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