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Zpacks™ Solplex Flex Tent Upgrade


The Flex tent upgrade is an add-on to our normal Solplex Tent that allows it to be pitched with freestanding tent poles. It can be set up with just 1 or 2 stakes for the front and back vestibules in calm weather. In windy weather you can stake the corners and side walls, for a total of 8 stakes.

Freestanding tents are convenient in situations where stakes are difficult to use. They make it easier to pitch on beach sand, snow, or on rocky or compacted terrain. You can set up on a tent platform, or other suboptimal locations without struggling with stakes. Flex poles are also handy on trips when you don't have trekking poles, for example bike packing, canoe trips, or car camping.

You still have the option to leave the flex poles behind and pitch with your trekking poles to save weight on regular backpacking trips.


Ordering a new tent:

Add a normal Solplex Tent to your cart, then add the poles and hardware here. The normal tent lead time applies.

What's Included: 4x Solplex Flex tent poles with 4x rings, 2x toggles, stuff sack - $99

Retrofitting an older tent:

**If your tent already has rings at the peaks you do not need to send it in.

If you would like to update an older Solplex tent produced before 2/1/17 you will have to send it in to us to sew on the required attachment points and add hardware. This does not include poles. Add the pole kit above to your cart too.

Make sure to email us right after ordering this and we will give you instructions for sending in your tent.

Sending Solplex Tent for Flex upgrades - $25

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

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