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Zpacks™ Vertice Rain Jacket


Vertice Rain Jacket - $299

5.6 ounces (160 grams) - Size Medium

Clothing items are made to order and are currently shipping in about one week. There may be lightly used gear in our Bargain Bin!


Our Vertice rain gear is the pinnacle of waterproof breathable technology. It is breathable enough to sleep in or hike in if it is cold out without getting clammy. It is thick enough to withstand light brush and abrasion, and it is among the lightest possible choices for waterproof breathable rain gear.



Sizing Chart:

Size: Small Medium Large Extra-Large XX-Large
5.5 oz (158 g) 5.6 oz (160 g) 5.7 oz (162 g) 5.8 oz (164 g) 5.9 oz (166 g)
Fits Chest Girth: Fits up to
36" (91 cm)
Fits up to
38" (97 cm)
Fits up to
42" (107 cm)
Fits up to
46" (117 cm)
Fits up to
49" (124 cm)
Actual Chest Girth: 40" (102 cm) 42" (107 cm) 46" (117 cm) 50" (127 cm) 53" (134 cm)
Actual Bottom Hem Girth: 40" (102 cm) 42" (107 cm) 46" (117 cm) 50" (127 cm) 53" (134 cm)
Zipper Length: 30" (76 cm) 32" (81 cm) 32" (81 cm) 32" (81 cm) 32" (81 cm)
Sleeve Length:
(back center of neck to cuff)
33" (84 cm) 35" (89 cm) 36" (91 cm) 37" (94 cm) 37" (94 cm)


Measure your chest using a string or cloth tape measure and go by the "Fits up to" size. The "Fits up to" size includes a few inches of wiggle room for layering.

The jackets are straight cut (like Men's jackets) and do not flair out at the hips. They are fine for women, but make sure your hips will fit the bottom hem girth, or size up.


Rain gear should only be washed as needed, after a few trips or if you notice that the DWR is not as effective as when new. Machine wash with Grangers Wash+Repel or similar product.  Tumble dry or line dry.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

Chad "Stick" Poindexter gives a First Look at his Vertice Rain Jacket and Pants.
Watch the John Abela / HikeLighter video discussing the Vertice Rain Jacket.
"I made a significant order for rain gear and equipment recently for my current CDT thru attempt. Everything has exceeded my expectation and the quality has been taken to another level since using your equipment on my AT thru in '14. I didnt think that it could have improved but I am 110% satisfied! Brilliant!" -Dean P.
"I recently did the Kokoda Trail/Track hike in Papua New Guinea. All my Zpacks gear held up very well. The Vertice rain jacket is AWESOME and worked really well in the humid conditions." -Paul S.
"My Vertice rain suit worked very well on my 2017 thru-hike of the CDT. It’s the only rain gear I've found that allows the clothes under it to dry out. I really liked having the chest pocket. In fact I commonly put the shell on just to have a dry place to put my cell phone, gloves and hat." -Murray R.
"I just ordered and received a Vertice rain jacket. Well, today it's raining so I took it out for a test drive. This is the first and only rain gear I've ever worn (this includes gortex jackets, silnylon gear with pit zippers, coated nylon jackets, and a DCF poncho) that didn't turn into a personal sweat box within minutes. This fabric is amazing. Hats off to you for making truly useful and lightweight rain gear that lives up to its description! Well done!" -Beth E.
"The XXL rain jacket in the whiz-bang fabric (my most recent order)- fits me well! That's with a thermal top underneath, ex-officio shirt, and room to move. The fat-boy sleeping bag fits too- amazing- the one I bought from you about 3 or 4 years ago felt like a straight jacket, so I gave it away." -Peter H.