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-April 2014-
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ZPacks™  Waterproof Breathable Cuben Fiber-eVent Rain Jacket


Size Medium:

Weight: 4.5 ounces (127 grams)  /  $235
Waist: 42" / Chest Girth: 42" / Zipper: 32"

Size Large:

Weight: 4.7 ounces (133 grams)  /  $235
Waist: 46" / Chest Girth: 46" (shown) / Zipper: 32"

Size Extra-Large:

Weight: 5.1 ounces (145 grams)  /  $250
Waist: 48" / Chest Girth: 50" / Zipper: 36"


Constructed from 1.42 oz/sqyd Waterproof Breathable Cuben Fiber material! The fabric is a three layer laminate with high strength Dyneema fibers sandwiched between eVent waterproof breathable membranes. In our testing the strength, waterproofness, and breathability have all proved to be very good. The jackets are breathable enough to sleep in or hike in if it is cold out without getting clammy.

New August 2013- The material has been updated with a micro-checkered pattern in the eVent membrane for even better breathability!

The material is thick enough to withstand light brush, and can be easily patched with tape.

The jacket is actually a light gray color. It is not as "bright" as it appears in the sunlit photos.


  • Full length water proof front zipper.
  • Adjustable elastic at the waist, cuffs, and hood.
  • Fitted Hood with stiffened visor keeps water off your face.
  • Bonded seams! No seam sealing necessary.
  • Packs up a little bit smaller than a soda can. Roll the jacket up and secure it with the waist elastic. No stuff sack necessary.
  • Lightest 3 layer waterproof breathable jacket in the world?
  • Combine this jacket with a Rain Kilt or a pair of matching Pants for a super light rain suit!
  • 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on all ZPacks gear.
  • Waterproof Armpit Zippers are Optional. They aid in venting when it gets hot, but they may not be necessary for everyone. They add $15 and .4 ounces (11 grams).
Jackets are made to order. There is usually a wait time, please see the note at the top of the page.

Joe and Sheryl's WPB Jacket Review:

In 2012-2013 we thru-hiked the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. It was about 1,900 miles (3,054K) and it took us 120 days to complete. We both carried ZPacks WPB Cuben Fiber Jackets and Pants (Gear list). Our jackets were made from the original generation fabric, without the new vapor transfer improvement.

New Zealand is a wet country, especially on the north island where it is usually warm and wet year round. We had plenty of opportunity to test our jackets and pants, including several days where we had to wear the rain suits all day long, from the time we broke camp to when we pitched camp the following night.

I personally thought the breathability of the jacket was quite good. As long as the temperature stayed below 60F (15C) I was comfortable and stayed dry from sweat. In warmer weather it was too hot to hike in any jacket, so of course I did sweat some. The jacket was also comfortable to wear as a wind shirt, or to sleep in, as long as the outside temperature was appropriate.

Sheryl sweats more than I do. I would say her comfort zone was probably more like 50F (10C). Above that and she would get a little damp from perspiration. This was especially evident under her belt, shoulder straps, and sternum strap where the moisture could not escape.  I don't think this was any fault of the jacket, any warm shirt or jacket has the same effect on her.

Neither of us had any issues with rain getting in from the outside. The material is waterproof, and I stayed completely dry as long as the temperature was cool.

Neither of us had the Armpit Zips option. I never missed them, but Sheryl wished she had them for venting.

The jackets held up pretty well over 1,900 miles. We never had to do any repairs, but if we had gotten a puncture or tear, Cuben Tape would have patched it up easily. Just like normal Cuben Fiber, the material is rip-stop and does not tear easily.

We did get some visible wear marks under the shoulder straps and other places where the jacket rubbed against our packs, but those spots did not leak through.  The material is a three layer laminate, with Black in the center, and White layers on the inside and outside. This gives the fabric a mottled Heather Gray look when it is new, however as the outside gets worn the Black center layer shows through more. This is to be expected and should be considered normal. It is only a cosmetic issue, we did not experience any leaking on our jackets.

Size Large shown

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"I just wanted to say that the jacket is absolutely awesome - I own so many shells that it is embarrassing and this thing is one of the coolest pieces of gear I have ever owned, I just love it."
--John S.


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Who we are:
Joe Valesko founded ZPacks in 2005. He designed and tested all the gear, and has thru-hiked over 9,400 miles including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Te Araroa Trail. Joe is available to answer any questions about gear recommendations, sizing, trail info, or anything requiring an experienced opinion.

Matt Favero receives your orders, oversees production at our shop, and ships out your orders. He has hiked much of the Florida Trail and parts of the AT. Matt handles most routine emails about your order. We love feedback and suggestions about our gear!

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