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Double Wall Insert for Duplex Tent


Double Wall Insert for Duplex Tent - $99
This item is discontinued.


Weight: - 3.2 Ounces (91 grams)

Dimensions: About 110" x 42" (280 cm x 107 cm)

Material: - .7 oz Ventum ripstop nylon with DWR


In cold wet weather sometimes condensation can be unavoidable. Our tents are built with plenty of airflow to vent moisture from your breath, but if the temperature drops below the dew point condensation may form.

Condensation isn't the end of the world. Normally you can avoid touching wet tent walls, and the moisture you do get won't be enough to really get you soaked.

If your tent has condensation on the walls and it is raining, the rain drops can knock condensation free causing irritating splash back.

The Double Wall Insert is a sheet of black nylon that clips in place at the peaks, the corners, and the walls of the Duplex tent. It forms a barrier between any condensation on your tent ceiling, and you.

It blocks condensation splash back, and prevents you from brushing the ceiling. It also helps provide daytime shade, and may trap some heat at night.

Most of the time this product is not necessary, except in cold, wet, still weather and even then it isn't critical. You can always order this later if you find that you have trouble

Please check the inside corners of your tent! You will need to purchase and add four stick on loops to the inner corners of your tent if loops are not already sewn in place. Stick them on top of the black reinforcements at the corners.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

"Thought you might like an update on the Duplex tent insert that you made to address my concerns about condensation. Two of us have been using the tent regularly in cold, wet conditions. First, as you promised, I've been surprised at how little condensation there has been overall; any breeze means the insert is superfluous. Downpours are usually accompanied by wind so that, even with all flaps closed, there's enough air movement to minimize condensation.

In strong winds, the nylon insert flaps noisily and isn't needed anyway, so we've found it's best to unclip it (a matter of a minute or so). We don't use it often but, on very cold, damp still nights, it definitely comes into its own. We get a fair bit of condensation then, even with all four flaps open. Although (again, as you promised!) the Zpacks Ventum nylon sleeping bag sheds water brilliantly, the Ventum insert pretty much eliminates all water.

The main advantage has been when someone gets up during the night or in the morning and brushes against the tent, or shakes the tent when getting in our out. The Ventum doesn't soak through, and no water drops onto us or our gear. If we push against the tent, it sticks to the canopy and we just pull it off. In the morning, we can dress and pack up our gear and bag, then unclip the Ventum and shake off the water outside. A quick dry of the tent with a towel and, if the sun is on the tent or there's a slight breeze, everything is completely dry by the time we finish breakfast and are ready to pack up. Sometimes we turn the tent inside out and drape it over bushes. We store the liner in one of the inside tent pockets.

In summary, the Ventum insert isn't needed often but, when it is, it works well, is very light, and we've found it a useful addition. It may be something that purchasers in places like New Zealand might also find useful because it can be almost impossible to dry gear there once it gets wet.

Cheers and once again, thanks for such wonderful gear. We've camped quite a few times now in very wet, windy conditions and no rain has ever gotten in." -Helen M.