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Tent Door Hooks


Tent Door Hook Apparatus - $3.50


Weight: .08 ounces (2.3 grams) each


These custom made metal hooks are attached to a Lineloc 3 adjuster. They allow you to easily unclip either tent door independently, and cinch them tight. Our current tents include these hooks. Older tents can be upgraded.

Note that if you have a Duplex or Triplex you will need two of these, one for each pair of doors.

This does not include any cord.

Tent Door Toggles:


Newer Plex tents include a toggle at the center of the storm doors to keep them pinned closed in the wind. You can retrofit older tents with stick-on toggles and stick on loops which are found over on our Tape page.

If you have a Duplex or Triplex you will need two toggles and two loops to secure both pairs of doors.

  1. Mark the center of the edge of the overlapping door. Stick on a loop such that the tape folds around the edge of the door and the loop sticks right off the edge.
  2. Pitch the tent. This is the easiest way to position the toggle with the correct amount of overlap.
  3. Put the toggle through the loop, then peel off the paper backing. Stick it to the under-lapping door in the correct place for a perfect amount of overlap.