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Mini-D Carabiner


Standard Style - $1.75 each / $1.50 six or more


Wiregate Style - $1.95 each / $1.75 six or more



At exactly one tenth of an ounce these are the smallest and lightest carabiners around. They are perfect for clipping items to your pack, hanging your food bag, and many other uses. They are strong enough for almost any backpacking application, but are not meant to support a human's weight.

If you need a spot on your gear to clip it to, add a Stick on Loop.

Two Styles to choose from:

Both styles are the same size and weight. The standard style carabiners close more securely. The wire gate style are higher quality, but they can sometimes slip off of a thin attachment point like a grosgrain loop so be careful where you use them.

Specifications (both styles are the same):

Weight: .1 oz / 2.8 grams
Length: 1.5", Width: 7/8", Thickness: 1/8"
(3.8 cm x 2.2 cm x .32 cm)
Material: Anodized aluminum