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Zpacks™ Hexamid Twin Tent

This item is discontinued. Please consider the
Duplex Tent as an alternative.


The Hexamid Twin is spacious for one or a minimalist shelter for an average size couple. It has fully enclosed screen, a detachable bathtub floor for versatility, and storm doors for 360° rain protection.



Exterior Dimensions:

Floor Dimensions (Assuming a Twin Cuben Fiber Bathtub Floor is used):



Shelters are made to order and are currently shipping in about one week. There may also be lightly used gear in our Bargain Bin!

This item is discontinued. Please consider the Duplex Tent as an alternative.
Hexamid Twin Tent - ($565)
Bathtub Floor
Hexamid Twin Tarp (no screen) - ($370)
(Groundsheet sold separately)

Additional Material Choices:

.74 oz/sqyd Spruce Green Material

The default tent material is .51 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber. This material has proven to be plenty strong enough to handle high winds, and your tent will normally not be subject to abrasion or punctures. If it does get damaged (for example by a falling branch or sparks), the material is very easy to patch in the field with our Cuben Fiber Repair Tape.

Some people prefer to upgrade to heavier .74 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber for added peace of mind. My own opinion is this material is not necessary, but it also does not hurt other than a small weight increase. It adds $15 to the price, and around 1.5 ounces (45 grams) to the weight. We have it in dark green as shown. It is a little bit less transparent than the thinner material.

The detachable bathtub floor is always made from black 1.0 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber which is thicker and stronger than the tarp material.

Make my shelter in Spruce Green .74 oz/sqyd material - $15

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

"Simply put, the Zpacks Hexamid Twin Tent is the best all encompassing ultralight shelter that we reviewed." 2015 Editor's Choice Outdoor Gear Lab Hexamid Twin Tent Review
"On September 27th, 2013 we finished the CDT and completed our Triple Crown. I was carrying the Hexamid Solo you made for me, and Cheese was carrying the Hexamid Twin that we shared last year on the PCT. The thing is bomb proof! Cheese's tent has survived not only this hike, but also our PCT thru-hike in 2012. We've weathered wind storms above 12,000 feet, hailstorms, monsoon-like rains, and even took an on-trail zero in the Hexamid Twin during a day of constant downpour and 35 degree weather. Through it all, your tents kept us and our sleeping bags dry and sane." -Swiss Cheese and Bone Lady, PCT 2012, CDT 2013
"I have been on 2 backpacking trips to CA’s Sierra Nevada range and got a chance to use my new tent during both outings. My Hexamid Twin has more than exceeded my high expectations! Thanks to your Company for the quality workmanship and attention to detail!" -Mark K.
"Love the tent!  Had a great week with it under some very strong winds.  No problem.  I had a good view of some of my cohorts tents cart wheeling by." - Alex V.
"Hey Joe, I've been meaning to write and say thanks.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed using the Hexamid Twin on our 2010 sobo thru hike.  We couldn't have been happier and the tent is still in great condition.  It was perfect for bug season in Maine and worked really well for stealth camping when we needed to- you can set it up almost anywhere and it's light as hell." -Micah
"I used the Twin with beak and Cuben groundsheet this summer on my CDT hike and loved it. It stood up to some 60 to 80 mile per hour storms and for 4.5 months of hiking, never broke, tore or was blown down. I never even had a stake pop out, but of course, weighted them with rocks when a storm was approaching, or tied to trees when I could. I never got wet in there. Just at dusk we pitched on the shores of a small reservoir in the Great Divide Basin just in time for a complete 180 degree wind shift and a terrific thunder storm. By pulling up the inside bathtub groundcloth into the door, which was now straight into ferocious wind and driving rain with not a bit of shelter from trees or brush, I stayed completely dry. One great tent. Joe's got a winner here.  -Shroomer
"We are using the Hexamid Twin out here on the AT and continue to be amazed.  I could not imagine a better tent.   It has held up in snow, rain and wind with no problems."  -James R.
"You probably don't need any more testimonials but I just wanted to let you know that the Hexamid Twin performed extremely well on my JMT thru hike with 16 nights spent in the shelter. I had two nights of very strong wind and a few afternoons of light to moderate rain. What really impressed me was how well the Hexamid did in a totally exposed and windy location at Thousand Island Lake. Probably not the most intelligent place to pitch on a windy day but the shelter did not let me down at all!" -Ravi N.
"Weathered a storm on Mount Whitney in your Hexamid Twin tent. The tent worked brilliantly. Before the rain came down I got a nice Photo of the tent in action I thought you might like. Absolutely love your products. Almost wish my gear would wear out faster so I can justify buying some more ;-)." -Brad A.
"It is a remarkable tent and has traveled across much of southern Europe and a couple African countries. I am sleeping on the edge of a mountain in Scotland's Isle of Skye, the night before their referendum. Magic." -Steve J.
"I have had my Twin tent in winds gusting over 50mph, only issue was keeping the stakes in!" -Aaron Z., Trailgroove Magazine
"I thought you might like to see my favorite shots of your super tent in Antarctica! Photo 1, Photo 2 " -Spider Legs