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Zpacksô Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent


Shelters are made to order and are currently shipping in about one week. There may also be lightly used gear in our Bargain Bin!

Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent - $450
(Removeable floor sold separately)

This item has been replaced by the Plexamid Tent. It has a similar amount of space, but with a sewn in floor.


The Hexamid Solo-Plus is a palace for one average sized hiker plus gear, or a good fit for an above average height person. It is large enough to occasionally squeeze in a partner. It has fully enclosed screen, a detachable bathtub floor or poncho for versatility (sold separately), and storm doors for 360į rain protection.



Tent Dimensions:

Floor Dimensions (Assuming a Solo-Plus Bathtub Floor is used):


Additional Material Choices:

A Solplex Tent in Green .74 oz:

.74 oz/sqyd Spruce Green DCF Material

The default tent material is .51 oz/sqyd DCF. This material has proven to be plenty strong enough to handle high winds, and your tent will normally not be subject to abrasion or punctures. If it does get damaged (for example by a falling branch or sparks), the material is very easy to patch in the field with our Repair Tape.

Some people prefer to upgrade to heavier .74 oz/sqyd DCF for added peace of mind. My own opinion is this material is not necessary, but it also does not hurt other than a small weight increase. It adds around 1.5 ounces (45 grams) to the weight. We have it in dark green as shown. It is a little bit less transparent than the thinner material.

The detachable bathtub floor is always made from black 1.0 oz/sqyd DCF which is thicker and stronger than the tarp material.
A Duplex Tent in Camo .67 oz:

View from Inside the tent:

.67 oz/sqyd Camo DCF Material

This material is the same strength as .51 oz/sqyd except it has an additional layer with a camo pattern laminated in. It blends in to nature well. This material is darker and less transparent than usual and offers a little more privacy.

This material has a bit of a sheen to it when it is new, but it dulls down significantly with some use.

Camo is more expensive. It adds around 1 ounce (28 grams) to the weight.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

"The Hexamid Solo-Plus held up like a champ during a major storm. Here is a video I made from my Mt. Whitney trip with some cool Hexamid shots." -Chris S.
"Going to Dyneema Composite Fabric is all about shaving weight, and the Hexamid Solo Plus is an excellent lightweight shelter." HikItLikeIt Reviews the Hexamid Solo-Plus
"I just returned from a thru-hike of the Colorado Trail and used my Solo Plus tent (with mesh floor and beak) every night. It performed beautifully in rain, hail, and nice weather, pus gave a nice visual connection with the outside during lightening storm shows. Thanks for designing and making a great shelter!" -John W.
"I used your Hexamid Solo-Plus tent on the JMT this year and last year. I have really been happy with it. We had some rain storms this year and it held up well. Thanks for making a great product!" -Jim C.
"The Solo-Plus tent I bought a couple of years ago is incredible.  I used it on an AT trip to Roan Mountain between Christmas and New Year's last year and it did GREAT!  One night an ice storm and another night about 6 inches of wet snow and the Solo-Plus weathered the storms without incident."
-Steve S.
"I love this model... It performed very well on my CDT thru hike last summer (2013) so I am buying another one!"  -John "Sycamore" H.
"Loved my Hexamid solo plus. I was surprised on how well it handled the wind, hail and rain. My hiking buddy's tent got wetted out in the rain and hail at Guitar lake but I stayed dry. -Eric K.
"This Photo was taken on the PCT earlier this year overlooking the Siberian Outpost and the Great Western Divide. Thanks for great gear and great service" -Sage, PCT '14
"Three years in, Iím still learning things about setting up this tent. Iíve only just found out that lowering my pole a bit gives me a more taut pitch for the front/beak. If Iíll be encountering tent platforms on a trip, I carry a tiny baggy of cup hooks with me so I can set up ďfreestandingĒ. The tent goes up and comes down faster than the other brand tents of those around me for some reason, and I donít think Iím a particularly fast tent erector. I love the blue color but dislike that Iím visible through it, so if I buy another in the future Iíll probably get a less attractive but more private color option. I *absolutely* love how weatherproof this tent has been for me. It has been unfazed by wind and rain. Iíve barely even had condensation except for a couple of nights when clouds have rolled in and saturated everything - and itís far easier to dry off the DCF material than it is to dry off the silnylon of other tarp tents. I did one duct tape patch three years ago (a branch fell on it the very first time I used it and punctured it) and is still sticking and showing no signs of coming loose." -Amy F.
"I returned from the John Muir Trail about three weeks ago. Your Hexamid Solo Plus tarp performed like a champ in a 24-hour deluge (really, a pacific storm that blew in) where many of my fellow hikers got wet. I think I got a whole 6 drops of water blowing in under the tarp and zero condensation." -John M.
"Just thought I'd send some photos from a trip this fall. I have never owned a Zpacks shelter, but have used your packs before. I was stoked when my friend lent me her Zpacks Hexamid Solo-Plus for my Sierra High Route thru-hike. It held up surprisingly well! Anyhow - here is a nice photo of the Hexamid Solo and the Solo-Plus!" -Neha K.