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Zpacksô Duplex Ultralight Two Person Tent

Also available as a tarp w/ no screen or floor

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Shelters are made to order and are currently shipping in about two weeks. There may also be lightly used gear in our Bargain Bin!

Duplex Tent - $599
Duplex Tarp - (no screen or floor) - $375


The Duplex is the sweet spot when it comes to size, weight, and features. It has ample space for one person plus gear to spread out, or it can fit a partner. It has two doors, so you get ventilation, views, and vestibule space on both sides of the tent, plus you don't have to climb over your partner to get out.


Instructions / Set up Video

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Peak Height: 48" (122 cm)
  • Ridgeline Width: 53" (135 cm)
  • Width including vestibules: 86.5" (220 cm)
  • Vestibule space: 20.75" depth on each side (53 cm)
  • Length: 100" (254 cm)

Interior Dimensions:

  • Peak Height: 48" (122 cm)
  • Floor Width: 45" (114 cm)
  • Floor Length: 7.5 feet (2.3 meters)
  • Zipper entry height: 36" (91 cm)



Material Choices:

.51 oz/sqyd Standard Dyneema Composite Fabric

The default material choice on this tent is .51 oz/sqyd DCF. It has high tensile strength and can handle strong winds, storms, and all the typical conditions a tent will be in. This is the weight I used on all my long distance hikes, and I've never had a problem with it becoming damaged. If it ever were to get punctured or torn, I know that I can fix it easily in the field with Repair Tape. A piece of matching repair tape is included with the tent.

The floor material on our tents is always thicker more puncture and abrasion resistant 1.0 oz/sqyd DCF regardless of which tarp material you pick.

.67 oz/sqyd Camo Dyneema Composite Fabric

This material has the same Dyneema thread count as standard .51 oz/sqyd, but with a slightly thicker laminate with a Camo pattern on it. The Camo print brings the fabric weight to .67 oz/sqyd.

It blends in to nature well. It is darker, less transparent and offers more privacy. DCF has a bit of a sheen to it when it is new, but it dulls down significantly with some use.

This video by John Abela shows the Opacity and Color of Camo DCF.

This material is more expensive. It adds around 1 ounce (28 grams) to the weight.

.74 oz/sqyd Spruce Green Dyneema Composite Fabric

This material has a higher Dyneema thread count which gives it a higher tear strength. The standard material is already difficult to tear, so in our opinion this weight is unnecessary. Some people like it for added peace of mind.

It is also a bit thicker and darker than the standard weight. It is less transparent and offers more privacy, but it is not as dark as camo.

It adds around 2 ounces (56 grams) to the weight.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

Dixie talks about her Duplex Tent after her 2017 PCT thru-hike in this Duplex Tent Video.
2017 Outdoor Gear Lab Editors Choice Award. Read the Duplex Tent Review at
Will Wood shares his final thoughts on his Duplex Tent after sleeping in it nearly every night on a 7 month 2014 Appalachian Trail thru-hike in this Duplex Tent Review Video.

This video shows his initial impressions before his hike and covers some of the tent's features.
"The Zpacks Duplex Tent has quickly become one of my all-time favorite backpacking tents."
Clever Hiker 7 Best Tents of 2015
"When making a major purchase like this, remember to consider the whole's not just about the product you are buying, but the company and people behind it. Zpacks scores on both accounts."
Steve B. Reviews the Duplex Tent
"I can say without question that I have not once felt bummed I spent so much on a shelter. This is the first time when I have absolutely known it was totally worth it."
John Abela's Duplex Tent Review
"This tent is huge. With a long sleeping bag, I never touched the ends of the tent or got the bag wet at all. At one point, we (three 6ft tall guys) all sat in there together playing cards and were comfortable. Setup took about two minutes each night."
BoredInTheSouth Reviews the Duplex Tent
"The weight to space ratio is undeniably fantastic."
Fellbound (UK) Reviews the Duplex Tent
"I can't comment yet on how the tent handles bad weather; however, it certainly feels sturdy. The ergonomics of the tent were pretty much perfect for us. My wife loved the tent and loved getting her own view, which certainly helps me when spending this amount of money! The four door system is very flexible and is a great solution. We really, really like this tent." -William C.
"Used the Duplex shelter in grand canyon last month, awesome shelter. The Duplex is substantially lighter than what I had before, but also with bug protection and a great groundsheet. I'm really happy with room, at six feet with big feet and using Neoair, I usually rub the foot of my bag on enclosed shelters, but not an issue at all with the Duplex." -Jon F.
"Just got your tent today. In typical Outer Banks fashion it was blowing 30 to 35 and raining, so I set it up just to check it out in some weather. Man that tent is awesome! Plenty of room and rock solid. I love the two doors and the vestibule space. Blown away by the craftsmanship. I can't wait to take it out on trip. Thank you man" -Bob S.
"Love the tent and sleeping bag. Took them out on the AT this weekend in Maryland. Wind was blowing 30mph Friday night which made my first time setting up in the field a challenge. Not to mention setting up on rock. It then rained to beat the band so my Duplex got a very good first workout and did well. Thanks again for the great products!" -Rich M.
"I wanted to let you know that the Duplex tent rocks and so far and I am very happy with my purchase. I got lucky, the first night out it rained all night and the following day. It has just the perfect amount of room for me and my dog with room for gear. I didn't think the floor space would be much bigger than the Twin, but boy does it feel bigger" -Josh P.
"I am back from my 6.5 day, 83 mile ďQĒ hike at the Torres del Paine in Patagonia. 5 of us hiked in and the 1st day it rained and blew like crazy. The other campers made interesting comments about my space ship and how they would be amazed if it stayed up. Well come the morning, after a very windy and rainy night, all was good with the tent - no issues other than it was noisy during the night. You had advised taking ear plugs which was great. Other tents had issues during the night so had a lot of visitors in the morning wanting to know more about the tent - they could not believe the weight and roominess in side. Awesome trip, bad ass hike and great equipment." -Tony L.
"The tent worked like a dream, even in high wind. Some challenges in staking the tent in river sand (I used large boulders ~15kg each and extra ties). The wind hitting the tent moved some of these boulders but the tent was fine! Nights were below freezing and quickly heated up when the sun came out. With the tent being well ventilated, a good sleeping bag is essential." -Peter J.
"I wanted you to know how happy we were with the Duplex tent you made for us for our JMT hike. Setting up camp and breaking down was SO easy with your tent! My wife and I would have the Duplex set up in about three minutes and would then sit and relax to enjoy the scenery. Getting ready to break camp in the morning was just as easy. We were ALWAYS done WAY before our friends." -Joe R.
"I believe the Duplex tent is the best all-purpose backpacking tent in the world." -Max Neale, (formerly) Outdoor Gear Lab Editor
"I have just returned from the JMT using your Duplex tent, sleeping bag, and accessories. We got rained on very hard, and all the gear proved itself to be very reliable - so wanted to say - Thanks!! It was a pleasure carrying the low weight and by that enjoying the view :)" -Neer Z.
"My Duplex tent is my absolute favorite possession. So much room for me and all my gear to stay dry and bug-free. Everyone comments on how small and lightweight my pack is and how spacious and nice my tent is." -Mark H.
"I had the Duplex tent out on the JMT for 20 days, 10 of which I got rained on. The Duplex worked out great, I wouldnít of wanted any other tent out there. Feel free to post." -Ken K.
"I absolutely love, love, love my new Duplex shelter as a one person shelter. It stood up wonderfully in the all day all night rain we had for 36 hours. It stood up in cloudbursts with winds of probable 35 to 40 mph. It had enough space for me to dress, relax, "camp out", and enjoy. I hadn't realized it from your webpage info, but closing all four doors snugly really enhanced the solidness and takes advantage of its basic hexagon shape. Opening a door on each side, when the winds die down, lets you stay weatherproof and still see around. I couldn't be more pleased. I was torn about whether to order the standard weight DCF material or the heavier versions. I decided to follow your advice, and I'm completely glad I did. The heavier material would have added cost and weight with no benefit, as far as I am concerned." -Barry W.
"Here is my Duplex Tent on recent 12-day expedition to the Philmont Scout Ranch. Very wet last 5 days but I stayed dry and definitely mastered how to set it up in torrential rain. Your rain gear and tent made the wet portions of the trips so much better to deal with. Just love both pieces of gear!" -Rich M.
"I love my new Duplex tent. I've got 6 or 7 tents, and this is far superior to any of them." -Hugh A.
"The Duplex saved us during 3 very stormy nights including one with around 12 hours of continuous heavy rain. All the thru hikers we spoke with the next morning had pretty wet sleeping bags except for us! Nice design Joe." -David T.
"I just finished a JMT thru-hike with a 60L Arc Blast and a Duplex tent, and they both worked fantastically. I had high standards for the tent because of its high price, but I think it's phenomenal. Its had no problem with overnight sustained 30mph wind or overnight thunderstorms, and the tent design does a good job of preventing and managing condensation. Given its weight, it's amazing how few sacrifices the tent makes. Really great job, folks." -Austin L.
"I recently returned from completing the Wind River High route in Wyoming and I took along the Duplex tent. What an amazing tent! I was impressed with the quality and functionality of the tent as well as how easy it was to setup and takedown. For its size it is amazingly light and packs small. We had wind, rain, hail and everything in between, it performed better than expected in all conditions. I liked having two vestibules when the weather was bad, or the ability to keep them open when the weather was good. Thank you for the great gear!" -Brad S.
"I would like to thank you for the quality products you have produced for me. I purchased one of your sleeping bags and then a Duplex tent. I have used the bag and tent in the Sanoran Desert and recently on a section hike of the PCT in the Eastern Sierras. I always beat my hiking companion setting up my tent. I was concerned about wind with your tarp/tent style but even in very windy and rainy conditions, the tent kept me warm and dry." -Jon H.
"I am very pleased with the Duplex tent. It is light, very easy to put up, and very roomy. At 6í5Ē I do need space, and this has lots of it. Loads of room for me and all of my kit, sitting up or lying down. It is also a very clever design, and is well made. The DCF material is a wonderful fabric. It seems robust, stays taut, and the tent copes well with wind (not yet tested in a full gale!). Itís fully waterproof. It does have a slight condensation issue, but then, all tents seem to. The way condensation runs down the inside and out through the mesh gap provided for it is very clever, and it works. And if two or more of the four doors are left open, condensation becomes minimal. I think it just has to be accepted that if the temperature inside any tent is noticeably higher than the outside, there will probably be condensation. A star buy, 10/10" -Jerry W.
"This summer I had the honor of breaking in the Duplex tent and solo sleeping bag at Philmont scout ranch. My crew and I covered 120 miles over the eleven days and your product made this experience priceless. Thank you for making best lightweight gear on the market." -Scott F.
"Your Duplex is the best backpacking tent that I have ever owned in almost 50 years of backpacking!! I LOVE IT! It has more space and is lighter than my previous ďultralightĒ tent - and is much easier to set up. I felt secure (and luxurious!) even (especially!) in heavy thunderstorms in Oregon and Washington. The Duplex was just a delight." -Joe W.
"I have been so happy with my Zpacks equipment. Incredibly light, durable for it's weight, and high performance in various conditions. The Duplex tent has been amazing on all my adventures from backpacking in the Rockies to pack rafting the Rio Chama to ski mountaineering Mt Rainier. I always get lots of questions and compliments about the Zpacks gear and always recommend it. People are amazed that something so light can be so functional." -Andy S.
"I absolutely LOVE the Duplex tent you made for me last year. Itís a great product and has stood up nicely here in Virginia." -Eric Y.
"Thank you so much for getting the Duplex tent to me within my ideal time-frame. I am so pleased with its performance after a three day trek In the Welsh mountains over Easter during which it stood up to a night of gale force winds and rain with no issues whatsoever. A great product." -Nigel P.
"By the way, last week I had to camp on a very exposed ridge in the San Gabriels with very fierce winds. The Duplex tent held up great despite - what seemed to me - taking a terrible beating. No damage done to tent as far as Iíve been able to tell. Fortunately I was able to find huge rocks for anchoring the tent stakes." -Joe W.
"I really did my research before my thru-hike / bought and returned many, many items just so that I could have Ďem in my hands and look at the stitching and study the design, etc. On the web, everyone claims to have a great product, but the shopper canít know the truth until they hold it in their hands. I found Zpacks quality and design to be tops in the areas of bags, packs AND tents, thatís an impossible trifecta! My thru-hike confirmed it. Sorry, let me add Stuff sacks and Customer Support to that list! Thanks." -Fred L.
"Thanks again for your recommendations about snow camping! My Duplex Tent pitch wasn't perfect but it survived all the crazy wind and wasn't too cold at all! Glad I tried it out in the snow!" -Karen W.
"I'm on the AT and I love my tent. I've slept in it every night since I've gotten it and shown it off to a lot of people on trail." -Kasey M.
"I purchased a Duplex in Nov 2013 shortly after they became available, so I suspect I have one of the first run. Words cannot describe how much I like this tentÖit is orders of magnitude more enjoyable than any other I have owned." -John H, (Comment received May 2015)
This BackpackingLight Thread has some sweet photos of the Duplex tent in action.
"My ski partner and I were pretty thrilled with how the Duplex performed in a range of winter conditions, and we were of course glad to have less weight on our backs. I've attached a couple shots of the Duplex tent from our trips.
Photo 1, Photo 2" -Serge G.
"I bought a Duplex tent last year and its by far the best shelter I have used. Been on a bunch of bike packing trips with it and have had nothing but great times ;-)" -Rick G.
"This letter is about my ranking the Zpacks Duplex as my favorite tent of all outdoor shelters Iíve used since 1958. I bought my Duplex from you a little over a year ago, and Iíve used it about 30 nights since then in Wyomingís Cloud Peak Wilderness and in Montanaís Beartooths and Absarokas. Iíve used it in every month of the year!!! Iíve used it mostly for one person, but occasionally for two. I LOVE IT! Iíve never experienced a blizzard in the Duplex, but Iíve experienced hard, all day rain with wind gusts, lightening and all night wind. Iím amazed at the wonderful protection. Thanks for a wonderful invention." -Barry W.
"Last weekend we completed a presidential traverse; 3 out of 4 of us had your backpacks and tents. I slept in the tent above tree-line in a wet swampy spot in 35 to 40 mph winds and no problems. Lots of people commented on our packs and few knew of them but had never seen one. Very impressed with the packs and the tent. Very lightweight as advertised and seem quite rugged." -Curtis B.
"We have just completed our 515 mile hike across Washington on the PCT. Having now put our new Duplex tent and my Arc Blast pack through their paces, I wanted to send you some product feedback. First the Duplex tent--in a word, terrific! It was perfect for us and held up beautifully. It seemed so ephemeral when we first received it that it was hard to imagine it surviving the rigors of the trip, but we needn't have worried. With care and a post trip washing, it still looks new after more than 30 nights" -Heidi P.
"I just finished my PCT section hike (Campo --> Cascade Locks) using a Zpacks sleeping bag and Zpacks Duplex tent. Both were awesome and served me well on my hike. The Duplex was my favorite piece of gear!" -Jake P.
"I wanted to extend to you a huge thanks for your wonderful customer service and your amazing Duplex Tent! It held up for me in snow, rain, and wind, and was my sanctuary in mosquito country. Attached is a shot of it at my favorite campsite. I have recommended the tent to many people, and will continue to do so." -Julia H.
"My Duplex was pelted with golf ball sized hale with only a minor hole being punched into one of the corners. I was easily able to repair it in the morning with that DCF repair tape (LOVE IT!!). I'll admit I originally thought it was because of the fragility of ultralight products until I took a walk around the lake I was camped at. I found a nylon tent with several unrepairable tears in the rainfly. I think my tent did amazingly well considering the conditions! I now have no such doubts on the durability of these products." -Tyler R.
"My wife and I have just returned from a backpacking trip in King's Canyon. We slept in the Zpacks Duplex tent every day and enjoyed our experience with it in every possible way! The tent takes minutes to pitch perfectly, has enough room for two people to sit up and also store small items in and around the mesh pockets. The bathtub floor indeed appears to be plenty strong for normal use with a little care taken when selecting the camp site to avoid very sharp stones and twigs. The mesh, while looking very fine and offering beautiful views of the surroundings, turned out to be very robust and will likely endure many years of normal use. We found the workmanship and the material quality unsurpassed and are looking forward to replacing many of our other backpacking items by those offered by Zpacks in the future." -Aliaksei C.
"My Zpacks Duplex tent was such a great purchase! I've camped in the worst thunderstorms imaginable with very high winds and rain and the tent kept me snug as a bug in a rug. The open/shut sides are a great feature because it gives cross ventilation when open and seals out extremely bad weather when closed ... plus gives additional protected out-of-tent space. And it takes about two minutes to put up. The tent is very well made, extremely lightweight and takes up very little space in my pack. It is something I will keep and use the rest of my life! Awesome purchase!" - Linda Bliss
"I took my Duplex tent to enjoy the last weekend of summer at Emerald Lake in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. I knew I'd be getting into some snow, since in rained in Sheridan Thursday afternoon. As always, the Duplex was great. I use it when I go solo, and I use my Triplex when I go with someone else." -Barry W.
"If you and your staff only knew how many times I sang your praises on the CDT this year, both to others and silently to myself. Such as when:
--Just barely off the summit of Mt. Taylor, hail slammed the tent like machine-gun fire with two solid inches still left on the ground the next morning, and the thermometer inside the tent read 19 degrees.
--My last night, ten miles north of Cubres Pass, at 12,300 feet on the exposed summit of Flat Mountain we had hours of sustained 30-, 40- and more mile-an-hour gusts. "Please hold, please hold," was my mantra. I was speaking to the seams, the fabric, the stakes and the carbon fiber tent pole (the second pole was my hiking pole)." -Barney 'Scout' M.
"Here is a Photo from Troop 858 on the Big Piney trail in MO. Duplex tent and 30 degree bag in left. Solplex tent, 40 degree bag and Arc Blast pack on the right. My Pack was down to about 26 lbs with food/fuel/water. MUCH lighter than on previous trips!! My knees are thanking me today. :) Gear worked great. Thanks for putting out great lightweight products that work as advertised." -Jamie B.
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support while I was on the trail and for your Duplex tent. I completed my AT thru-hike on September 18th, 2015 and used your tent almost every night, except for a few town days. The Duplex performed as advertised; no water inside the tent and no condensation." -Robert H.
"We walked part of the Great South West Walk, in southwestern Victoria, Australia. The area is windy, and the coastal cliffs and sea are spectacular. The final night we had a 35 knot (40mph) prevailing ESE wind, but our campsite was in a rotor zone, where the wind rolls up and over the cliff, and slams down and around from a westerly direction. It was as if a giant hand was trying to swat the tent off the surface of the earth. In 45 years of camping, only once have I experienced winds approaching that level, but this time they were massive sudden gusts of 45kts+, not steady wind, so it was by far the worst wind any of our tents over the decades have withstood. Fortunately, we had packed (and used) sand pegs - groundhogs would not have held in the loose sandy loam. In the morning, there was a pretty decent layer of fine grit spread over our quilt, but the tent was as tight as a drum. It hadn't even hinted at failing, tearing or loosening. I suspect that not just the strength, but the sudden and downwards nature of the gusts would have broken many tents, even domes. You should be VERY proud of your product! It inspires such confidence, knowing the tent will handle such extreme gusts." -Helen M.
"I did the JMT with your gear last summer. The Duplex tent performed very well. It was easy to set up by a single person, even in howling winds with only rocks for anchors. I left one door open on each side regardless of the weather and stayed dry in conditions where there was rain or showers on 10 of the 19 nights. I had condensation only one night and it was due to poor site selection on my part, too close to a meadow. This is the best tent I have ever owned, it is a great value at the price." -Uldis V.
"I just got back from a 4 day backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. I stayed in your Duplex Tent with your groundsheet. I absolutely loved it and it will my tent of choice moving forward. It is lightweight, durable and really easy to set up. It was the first time I used trekking poles in setting up a tent and I was initially concerned about the stability but after setting it up I can see how it will stand up to windy and harsh conditions. THANK YOU for your commitment in making the best lightweight gear in the market." -Joe R.
"I have taken the Duplex on a three-day solo hike of the Devilís Path in the Catskills and the light weight was much appreciated with all the elevation gain and loss. The tent performed beautifully and I couldnít be happier with it! There was zero condensation even on the nights when all the doors were closed up tight. My wife and I canít wait to take it on the JMT in August! Thank you for making such light-weight and high performing gear!" -Gabriel L.
"I've had my camo Duplex tent now since October 2015 and I've used it around 30 nights so far (15 of which were in the winter). It even survived blizzard like conditions in the Smokies. It's by far the best tent I've ever owned. When I'm out on the trail people are always asking to take a closer look at it. I'm 5'9" and I have plenty of room to move around and to store my gear. I have even stayed in it with my 15 year old son and our packs before. I've had zero issues and I'm very happy with it. I like that it's lightweight and durable. But most of all I like that it's made right here in the USA with American made materials. Plus the people at Zpacks know what they are doing. They take a lot of pride in their gear and stand behind the workmanship of every piece of the gear they make. That is why I buy from Zpacks. Here is a photo of my camo Duplex tent at Cheoah Bald on the Appalachian Trail." -Benny B.
"I am very much enjoying my camo Duplex Tent and would like to share some pictures from my PCT hike, taken at lake Evolution. Cheers" -Tim V.
"Last summer in Tasmania, my fellow walker and I did the South Coast Track. The walk is a beautiful and moderately challenging traverse around the southern coastline of Tasmania. We had 6 days and nights of rain and minimal to zero condensation in the tents and watertight packs! Ė Great designing!" -Stuart D.
"Please correct me if Iím wrong, but thereís not a single photo of a Duplex tarp on the web, to my knowledge." Until now! Check out James Q.'s Duplex Tarp reveiw.
"I recently posted my review of the Duplex Tarp. I really like the shelter, so it was easy to write a positive review. Thanks so much for letting me review it!" -Will Reitveld, Ultralight Insights
"I just did a five day hike in the Andes that I bought the Duplex and the Arc Blast for. Oh boy am I ever happy! I love my Duplex tent. The first night out we had high winds and rain for about ten hours. The tent did well as did the tent stakes. The transparency of the fabric allowed me to watch a full moon move across the sky while laying on my back and from within the tent. You have no idea how much I enjoyed hiking light. My total pack was right at 20 pounds and this will soon come down too!" -Walt W.
"Last year I got your Duplex tent and I am very happy with it. I took it with me on several trips in the Swiss Alps and was never disappointed. This September I hiked the Skye Trail in Scotland. I attached you a photo of the most magnificent camp spot I have experienced on this trip. It's located at the most northerly tip of the Isle of Skye." -Daniel B.
"Hey Zpacks team! I bought one of your Duplex tents for the Te Araroa and it's been great! Lightweight and very durable for thru hiking. It has far exceeded my expectations. The Duplex is great to put all my gear inside and get spread out on rainy nights. It's also big enough for me to do stretching protected from swams of sandflies. Lifesaver!" -John B.
Jeremiah compares the Solplex, the Altaplex, and the Duplex side by side in this Zpacks Tent Comparison Video.
"I've used my Duplex the past 2 weekend's, section hiking the Arizona Trail. Most recently, the Mormon Lake passage. It worked great even in gusts up to 50 mph. The wind was crazy - Love that tent!" -Bruce D.
"Thank you for making such great products. My wife and I bought a Duplex tent 2 years ago and have enjoyed every night in it. Our Duplex has been on many trips here in the Pacific Northwest, including the Wonderland Trail last year. It has kept us dry and happy through cold rain, howling wind, and even safe from nosy mountain goats." -Henry O.
"I LOVE MY TENT! So does everyone else! Here is my Camo Duplex Tent at Big Pete Meadow on the JMT/PCT." -Sarah B.
"I just finished my first trip with the Duplex tent. It withstood wind, rain, and two hailstorms at 10,500 feet in the Colorado mountains. After 40 years of camping and backpacking, I've finally found my perfect tent. Ultralight, comfortably sleeps two, enough headroom to sit up, great ventilation, and the clever bathtub floor design kept me dry despite windy conditions and some groundwater. Simple to pitch and repack. The pitch/pack video was very helpful, and explained all the tent's features. Great job on design and manufacturing. Fit and finish were perfect. I can't wait to take it out again." -Mark D.
"My daughter and I section hiked the PCT in Northern Cascades with our new blue Duplex tent this July. Perfect tent for us. Comfortable and spacious. Pitched and packed very easily. It was a great addition to our light base weights. Highly recommended." -Mike W.
"Just got back from some trekking in the north of Sweden (sarek) And I must say that the Duplex Tent performed really well in this exposed wilderness, as did the rain kilt and fleece gloves which dry super fast!!" -Frej S.
We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you for supporting us along our traverse of New Zealand. It was an amazing experience, and we couldn't have done it without your help! Our Zpacks Duplex tent was perfect for our journey, and we won't be going on another trip without our trusty tent :)" -Elena B.
"The Zpacks Duplex is a masterpiece of design and ingenuity. An ultralight backpacker simply will not find a tent that is lighter, roomier, more durable, or more packable." awards a "Premium Pick" in their Duplex Tent Review.
"Just a quick thanks - the tent got here in time for my 2 weeks in the Tasmanian wilderness. Here is a great shot of my Duplex Tent pitched on the coast. We had some pretty full on conditions but it held up well. One small hole in the top and fly screen but that is due to my cock up not anything on your end. I saw a few other trekkers out there and all were envious of the design and weight." -Thomas G.
"I've used my Spruce Duplex Tent in many situations, (at high elevation, low elevation, rocky soil, kind soil, high winds, rain, extreme heat, extreme cold) and it has never failed me. It has become my absolute "go-to" shelter." -Steve F.
"Just a quick email to send you a picture of the Duplex Tent in action in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). We just completed the Sierra Valdivieso circuit: 4 days lost in the nature with no marked trails (only navigation with maps and GPS). We experienced a quick snow storm and the tent holds well (pitching with rocks). Thanks a lot!" -Ben B.
"Howdy, just a line to tell you how great my Duplex tent performed in Patagonia. In 50 mph gust it made noise but never was in any danger of failure, it was as solid as a rock. It also rained very hard with high steady wind and nothing inside the tent got wet. Awesome product!" -Warren W.
"I am the very happy owner of a Duplex tent and one of your sleeping bags -- dozens of nights in both and I have never regretted my purchases! Thanks for making such awesome products. The Duplex design really can't be beat. Here is a photo of my Duplex Tent pitched in the snow above the clouds on Mount Hood on New Year's Eve. :)" -Stacia T.
Here is a photo of my Duplex Tent on the Ausangate trek in Peru at an altitude of 14k feet. We did a a summit one day through a 16k pass. Snow one night on our multi day trek didn't even challenge the tent! It's a great tent and I would buy it again!" -Travis T.