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Breathable Fabric, Mesh, Insulation

Breathable fabrics allow moisture to pass through and evaporate so that you don't get sweaty and clammy feeling. Most clothing, sleeping bags, and materials that contact your skin should be breathable. You can also find insect netting, mesh, and insulation here.

Material that is both waterproof and breathable is on the waterproof fabrics page.

In order to better focus on our core business (building gear) fabrics are no longer available for purchase direct from Zpacks.

.59 oz/sqyd Ventum Ripstop Nylon

This super light, high quality 7 denier fabric has a finished weight of just .59 oz/sqyd (20 g/m) .

Ventum nylon cuts the wind while still being highly breathable. It is an excellent choice for wind shell clothing and sleeping bag shells. Our own Sleeping Bags and Wind Shell Jackets are available in it. It is:
  • Down proof
  • Mosquito proof
  • Excellent vapor transfer / breathability.
  • Comfortable to wear, not clammy.
  • Soft feeling - not sticky or plasticy like some other fabrics in this weight range.
  • High quality "C6" durable water repellant (DWR). Not waterproof.
  • Highly wind resistant
  • Ripstop / tear resistant.
  • Cir finish on both sides.
Made in Japan

Weight: .59 oz/sqyd (20 g/m) - finished weight.

.67 oz/sqyd Ultralight Nano-Noseeum Insect Netting

This is the netting used in our tents. Regular "No-see-um" bug netting weighs about 1 oz/sqyd. This ultralight version weighs roughly a third less without noticeable difference in performance. It has extremely small holes which block even the smallest of insects including mosquitoes, noseeums, etc. Nothing gets through this screen.

Made in the USA.

Weight: .67 oz/sqyd (22.7 g/m)

3.5 oz/sqyd Backpack Pocket Mesh

This is the mesh that we use on our backpack's pockets. It has a relatively light weight for mesh, while being difficult to tear. It can withstand getting caught on branches and other typical abrasion that backpacks are subjected to. The hole size is a about 4 mm (a little over 1/8").

Made in the USA.

Weight: 3.5 oz/sqyd (119 g/m)

5.3 oz/sqyd 3D Spacer Mesh

This mesh has a three dimensional structure which allows airflow and adds cushioning. It has a tricot backing so you can't see clear through the holes. We use it on the underside of our backpack's shoulder straps and belts to absorb sweat, add cushion, and add grip. Our 3D mesh weighs less than most other types.

Weight: 5.3 oz/sqyd (180 g/m)

Thickness: About 3/32" (2.5 mm)

2.5 oz Climashield Apex Insulation

Climashield is a continuous filament synthetic insulation with one of the highest warmth to weight ratios of any synthetic. It has a .82 CLO / ounce, and an overall CLO of 2.1.

This weight is excellent for insulated clothing. A jacket made from this will keep you warm (when active) down to below freezing. It would be enough insulation for a summer quilt, or double it up for a warmer quilt.

Since it is made with continuous fibers Climashield does not need to be quilted like other insulations. That means less cold spots.

Unlike down, Climashield remains warm when wet, and is machine washable.

Made in the USA.

Weight: 2.5 oz/sqyd (85 g/m) - finished weight.

Thickness: 5/8" (1.6 cm)