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Tyvek Groundsheet


5 feet x 9 feet - $15


Size: 5 feet by 9 feet (1.52 x 2.74 meters)

Groundsheet weight: 9.25 ounces (262 grams)

Material Weight: 1.85 oz. per square yard

(62.7 grams per square meter)


Tyvek "Home Wrap" is an ideal material for ground sheets. It is waterproof, and very abrasion and puncture resistant. This groundsheet is a pre-cut piece 5 feet by 9 feet (1.52 x 2.74 meters). You can cut it to size with regular scissors. It does not fray and you do not need to hem or tape the edges.

Tyvek is stiff, and foldable like thick paper. It will not bunch up or slide around under you like other fabrics. You can fold up the edges and tape the corners to make yourself a bathtub floor, or cut it to size to make a tent footprint. You can add Stick-On-Loops to the corners if loops are needed.

This material is white on one side, with a blue and red Tyvek logo printed on the other side.