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Ultralight Tent Stakes


Our stakes are made from the lightest weight materials like Titanium and Carbon fiber. A thicker, longer stake will usually hold the ground more securely, but they may also be heavier or tough to drive into compacted ground. The holding power of our stakes is ranked relative to each other.

Staking Tips:

Ultralight stakes in general should never be hammered or they could get bent or damaged. Hold your foot in both hands for stability, and guide the stake into the ground with your body weight. If the ground is too solid to drive in stakes, anchor them with rocks instead.

Non-Freestanding tents can be pitched just about anywhere with a little creativity. If the ground is too firm, wedge just the tip of your stakes in, and then anchor them with rocks. If you are camped above tree line on stone, wrap the guy lines around rocks to anchor them. On beach sand use rocks, driftwood, etc as anchors for the tent guy lines. On wooden tent platforms you can wedge the stakes between the boards, or use extra line to tie off to the ends of the platform. There is always a way to make it work if you use some imagination.

6 inch Orange Ultralight Titanium Tent Stakes

These are the lightest weight stakes you can get with reasonable holding power and durability. Titanium is very light and strong for its weight, but some care should be exercised to prevent bending. Thin stakes like these are easier to press into moderately firm soil compared to thicker stakes. You will want to use rocks to weigh them down in loose soil or in windy conditions.

They have an orange head to make them harder to lose.

Weight: .19 ounces / 5.4 grams each

Length: 6 inches / 15.24 cm

Diameter: 3 mm

Holding Power: Low

Price: Single: $2.25 / Eight+: $2.00 each

6.5 inch Red Tough Titanium Tent Stakes (Recommended!)

These stakes are a little longer and they are also thicker gauge titanium. They have a little more grip and are less susceptible to bending. It is still better to press them into the ground rather than hammering. Use rocks to anchor them in high wind.

They have an red head to make them harder to lose.

Weight: .28 ounces (8 grams)

Length: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

Diameter: 3.5 mm

Holding Power: Average

Price: Single: $2.75 / Eight+: $2.50 each

6.4 inch Carbon Fiber Tent Stakes (Recommended!)

These stakes have the best holding power to weight ratio of any of the stakes we carry. They are made with a Carbon Fiber shaft with a metal tip and metal end cap. These have an orange cord through the end to make them easy to see, and easy to pull out of the ground. The cord also ensures that the metal end cap can't pop out.

The thick diameter allows them to grip the ground better than thin titanium. These are excellent in loose soil, and they have also proven to be very functional in typical dirt.

The thick diameter can be harder to drive into compacted ground. Never hammer these. Hold your foot in both hands for stability and press the stakes into the ground at an angle. If you can't press them into the ground all the way, anchor them with rocks instead.

Airplane Safe! We have carried these stakes through US airport security a dozen times with no issues. They are not particularly pointy. Please report if you have any trouble.

Weight: .22 ounces (6.2 grams)

Length: 6 3/8 inches (16 cm)

Diameter: 7.5 mm

Holding Power: Above Average

Price: Single: $3.75 / Eight+: $3.50 each

Temporarily out of stock.

6.5 inch Titanium V Stakes - For Wind / Snow / Sand

These V shaped stakes are made from ultra light and ultra strong titanium. They are designed to grip loose soil and they have a much stronger hold in the wind compared to the smaller stakes above. They can be driven into normal soil, or tie your guy lines to the center and use them as an anchor in snow or beach sand.

In windy territory you may want a full set. For normal conditions save weight with the thin stakes above, and maybe add just one or two of these for additional anchors on windy nights.

The photo has not been updated yet, but these have a red coated end now like our other stakes. You can also tie a piece of bright cord to the end to make these easier to see, and easier to pull out of the ground.

Carbon stakes are a good alternative to these at a lower weight.

Weight: .39 ounces (11 grams)

Length: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

Width: 12 mm

Holding Power: Best

Price: Single: $3.50 / Eight+: $3.25 each

Stake Sack

A stake sack will keep your stakes organized, and will also prevent them from puncturing your tent when packed.

This tent stake sack is made from strong 1.43 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric to prevent punctures. Fold the top down over your stakes and use the elastic draw cord to keep them snug like a rubber band.  It will fit at least 12 of any of our stake sizes.

Stake Sack details Here