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Zpacks™ Backpack Belt Pouches


Belt Pouch - $25 Single / $22.50 Pair


Weight: .75 ounces (21 grams) each

Dimensions: About 6" wide, by 2.25" deep, by 5" tall (15cm wide x 5.7cm deep x 13 cm tall).

Volume: About 60 cubic inches (1 Liter)

Material: 2.92 oz/sqyd Hybrid Cuben Fiber or 4.8 oz/sqyd Gridstop


These pouches clip securely to your backpack's belt. Each pouch has about 1 liter of volume and is perfect for maps, snacks, hat and gloves, gadgets, you name it. Tip: if your maps are printed on standard sized paper, put them in a 1 Gallon zip lock bag and fold into quarters. They will be a perfect fit.