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Zpacks Multi-Pack - 4 in 1 Backpack Lid / Chest Pack / Belt Pack / Satchel


Multi-Pack - $45

Spare set of Multi-Pack Straps - $12

(If your older Multi-pack buckles don't look
like this, please ask for older style buckles).


Dimensions: Roughly 9" wide x 8" tall x 3" deep (23cm x 20cm x 7.5 cm)

Volume: About 3.5 liters / 215 cubic inches.

Weight Breakdown:

Main Compartment: 1.3 oz / 37 grams

2x Top attachment Straps (lid and chest mode): .35 oz / 10 grams

Detachable Belt (fanny pack and satchel mode): .9 ounces / 25.5 grams

2x extra belt clips (lid mode): .35 ounces / 10 grams

Total w/ all straps: 2.9 ounces - 82 grams (Gridstop fabric adds .3 oz).


Watch the Multi-Pack Overview Video by Red Beard.

This four-in-one backpack accessory can be carried four ways:
  1. Clip it to the top of your pack as a lid / brain.
  2. Hang it from your shoulder straps as a chest pack for a large camera, or for carrying water to counterbalance your backpack. Two 1 Quart /  946 ml Powerade bottles or Nalgene bottles are a perfect fit.
  3. Clip the detachable belt to the center attachments and carry it as a Fanny Pack / Belt Pack. Carry a one quart bottle plus a small jacket and snacks at your waist for day hikes.
  4. Clip the detachable belt to the top corners and carry it over your shoulder as a satchel. Good for hauling few liters of water back to camp from a water source, or for carrying accessories when traveling or around town.


Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

Check out Aaron Z.'s Multi-Pack review at TrailGroove Magazine.
John Abela's Multi-Pack Review.
"The Zpacks Multi-Pack is one of those pieces of gear I treasure. Simple to use and effective for what I want it to do. It is a piece of equipment I donít have to think about. It just works." -Read the Zpacks Multi-pack review at
"I started using the multi-pack and I just wanted to let you know I love it. Here is a Photo of our hike last week in Tucson, Arizona. I can carry my camera in the front and other stuff. I thought you would like to see I'm a happy Zpacker so far :). Thanks for making great light products" -Raquel
"Just would like to let you know that I got a 4 in 1 multi-pack and I love it. Being a photographer I made a Multi-Pack Review from a photographers point of view." -Pedro K.