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About Us

Our goal is to go above and beyond to give our customers the best possible gear available. Many of our customers take our gear with them on what may be an adventure of a lifetime and we strive to help make those adventures amazing. We only make gear that we would use ourselves.

Joe Valesko founded Zpacks in 2005. Joe designs and tests all the gear, and has thru-hiked over 9,700 long distance miles including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Te Araroa Trail, TGOC Scotland, and the TMB in the Alps. You can see some of Joe's Adventures Here.

Joe is available to answer any questions about gear recommendations, sizing, trail info, or anything requiring an experienced opinion.

Matt Favero was our first employee in 2010. He has hiked much of the Florida Trail, parts of the Appalachian Trail, and has done TGOC Scotland and the TMB. Matt leads our customer experience team with help from Lisa, Will and Deanna.

Will "Redbeard" Wood
did the Appalachian Trail in 2014 and most of the PCT in 2015. He helps Matt with gear related email questions and handles our media.

All of our gear is built in the United States right here in our workshop by our skilled seamsters and seamstresses.

Contact Us

Please email us any questions. We love feedback, please let us know how our gear is doing!

We are normally very responsive. If you don't get a quick reply within a business day something has gone wrong. Please double check that you have spelled our address correctly, and make sure your return mailbox is working.

Phone Number

Our phone number is not listed. We are able to give a more informed answer from the most appropriate person via email, and we are normally very responsive. Please email us your questions and we will reply ASAP.


We are located in West Melbourne, FL 32904. As we are a manufacturing facility, we do not have a dedicated store front. All shop visits are by appointment only and must be scheduled by contacting us via email.

If you have a package that needs to be sent in, please email us for our mailing address. Please note, all returns and exchanges must approved and accompanied by an RMA.

Joe and Matt

Joe and his wife Sheryl at the beginning of the PCT in 2007

Customer Testimonials:

“I just wanted to email you personally as well as your business email. I received my Duplex tent yesterday as well as my sleeping bag that came a week early. Just wanted to say you have a great company with the best customer service and the best quality products. You have a life long customer with me and not only will you have all my business but I will definitely represent and have all my group buy from you. Thanks for changing backpacking! (In a good way!)” -Rock S.
“I love your stuff! Happy to have people like you out there making the tough hikes that much easier for the rest of us! “ -James G.
“Just a note to thank you for fixing up my backpack when I sent it in for repairs. I sent it in for a hip belt transplant, but you guys not only did that but also fixed a problematic vertical stay and patched a tear (replacing my amateur job) while you were at it, all without me even mentioning it. This is why I love dealing with Zpacks - best backpacking gear shopping experience ever. When is your IPO? Just wanted you to know that your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed.” - Kent W.
"I just wanted send a big 'Thank you' your way. I received my bag today and that's only 2 weeks after ordering. Thanks so much for going above and beyond to get my order out to me prior to my trip. This was my first order form your company and you've gained a customer for life. I look forward to dealing with Zpacks in the future." -George S.
"Joe, I did not expect a refund check along with my exchange. You are MORE than fair!!! I wish you well, and I will recommend your company to anybody who needs good gear and good service!" -Lindy B.
"I want to thank everyone for helping me upgrade my pack. I really love your products (I used the Duplex tent last year) and am thankful to be able to lighten the load on my 65 year old body as I continue to section hike the PCT. Please share with everyone involved that I appreciate the extra attention you have given me and look forward to using your great products." -Joe S.
"Would just like to say thanks for working with me. I couldn't ask for a better outcome and my new quilt is everything I expected it would be. Just wanted to say thanks for being an awesome dude, and one of the best companies I have ever dealt with! Keep up the good work Zpacks!" -Richard B.
"My tent arrived back home today and the zipper works great. Thanks so much for fixing this and the small hole. It’s just like new again. Your after-sales service is amazing." -Peter S.
"Please pass along to Joe and the Zpacks staff my many thanks for excellent finishing quality and customer service. Everything performed flawlessly." -Justin E.
"I already told this to Lisa but Zpacks and everyone working for you and the company have been so easy to work with. When I'm done with the PCT I would love to write a testimonial for all of the gear I have used." -Thomas C.
"Your gear met all my expectations. Thank you for your service." -Trevor C.
"I have received my new backpack and the other gear in good order and in good time too. I'm impressed with your service and again a perfect product. Thank you very much!" -Guido J
"I'm sure you get compliments on both your products and service all the time, but I think you guys do a fantastic job. In fact, as good as your products are, it's your service that I think is really phenomenal and makes me a customer for life!" -George S
"Thank you for the upgrade and quick return of my pack. Thank you also for the various patches which were unexpected but nonetheless deeply appreciated. When I eventually retire my backpack, I’ll be replacing it in kind, not only because it’s been a very comfortable pack, but also for the great service you’ve always rendered." -Keith E.
"Great job and thank you for attending to our needs so quickly. I look forward to additional business with you in the years ahead. You have great equipment, and great customer service." -John P.
"Thanks for the excellent gear, truly! And please don't lose your awesome customer service! Ive been working hard to save for your gear to complete my triple crown hike with and its been worth it!" -Steve Q.
"Joe, the gear is fantastic. I will put it to hard use. I hope to steer some business your way. I lead trips to the Alps for the Adirondack Mountain Club every year and you are now taking a big place in my gear list recommendations." -Roman L.
"I received my modified pack yesterday and I just wanted to give you guys a big thanks for turning it around for me so fast. You guys rock!" -Jonathan D.
"Thank you so much! I have never heard ONE negative thing about your products. And on a thru hike I sure met a lot of people. Thank you again!" -Jeff P.
"I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I appreciate you expediting the order during your busy season so I could have it before my trip. It looks like an extremely well made bag, will save me over a pound on my base weight, and I can't wait to use it on the trail. You guys are the best!" -Tom O.
"The quality of the pack is outstanding, the craftsmanship is perfection. You and your team really are leading the pack (pun intended) in this highly competitive market for lightweight, durable, and innovative gear." -David H.
"I just wanted to write and tell you that I received the replacement bag, and it's perfect. Zpacks has a great reputation, and there's a reason. Your customer service (and your products) are outstanding!" -Barton H.
"Just wanted to drop a note to say that the bag arrived as expected. Thanks again for turning it around so soon. I'm looking forward to field testing the bag a bit more, and if your stellar customer support is any indication of the quality of your product, I know I'll be extremely satisfied." -Cameron F.
"I am extremely impressed with the work you do and the personalized service you provide. I will definitely be using Zpacks for my future ultralite backpacking gear." -Daniel L.
"Just wanted to let you know I received my bag from you guys the other day and holy crap is it nice! I know zpacks has been incredibly busy but I really appreciate and wanted to thank you for the extra effort you made to get me my bag in time for the PCT! I'll be sure to recommend others your way." -Ian G.
"Hey Joe thanks a ton for the prompt response, that right there is customer service at its finest. I appreciate your advice and its a good point so I will probably end up going that route. I look forward to making a purchase soon. Whenever I see people with Zpacks gear and I get envious. They have nothing but good things to say about the Cuben Fiber gear you guys produce." -Brigham L.
"Thanks again for designing and constructing high quality, lightweight gear. Everyone I show your gear to is amazed. I appreciate it and know it will help make my trip more enjoyable" -John M.
"Thank you so much for making the effort to ship early for our trip! I really appreciate your professionalism as well as innovation and attention to quality. My next purchase will most likely be another Zpacks product." -John T.
"I want to say how much I love you work. Your designs are great and the products coming out of your shop have such a high quality. I can only imagine how proud you must be of what Zpacks has become and where it is going." -Adam H.
"Thanks for the speedy shipment. Everything looks great. I was told that you go out of your way in quality and customer service. It is appreciated." -Tracy C.
"So, I just wanted to say again, thanks for all the awesome gear and for all of your help over the last few months. Thanks to you and your gear I have a sweet set-up now." -Chad P.
"Wanted to let you know I received the package this morning. Everything looks great, thanks again for rushing the order and shipping to make it to me in time for my trip. I really appreciate it. Awesome customer service!!!" -Nick B.
"I just received my Hexamid tent today. It is BEAUTIFUL! it is everything I expected and more. You guys did such a nice job constructing this. Thanks for the great customer service, always answering my questions and delivering the goods on time as promised. I will be sure and mention your company to any and all my fellow hikers." -Cindy P.
"The quality of the products you are producing is outstanding. I hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks again." Kevin M.
"Just wanted to say thanks for getting my pack to me earlier than expected, I have to say from initial impression it's awesome. As always it's been a pleasure doing business with you!" -Joe W.
"You're the best. I'll put that order in today. I think I'll pretty much be a walking advertisement for Zpacks on the Appalachian Trail this year between the sleeping bag, pack, tent, and all the other things I've bought from you. And with nothing but great things to say about your customer service." -Erik S.
"I just got my backpack back and it looks great! It feels like Christmas : ) Thanks for having such great customer service. Only having email makes me a little nervous but you all pull it off exceptionally well and have, as all your other reviews indicate, always gone beyond my expectations. That now includes my experience with repair/replacement. Thanks for being a shining star of a company!!!" -Courtney R.
"I did a thru hike (flip-flop) of the AT this year and was looking to swap some gear for my PCT thru hike in 2016 and hopefully CDT in 2017. Everyone I’ve met with Zpacks gear has nothing but praise for your company!" -Burrban
"I wanted to thank you again for your fantastic customer service along the PCT, and for making great products. You might be interested to know that I was able to complete the trail on September 18, 2015 with all Zpacks gear intact and for the most part in working order. All in all I am very impressed with your products and have said as much to countless hikers and people I met along the journey." -Simone M.
"If there is somewhere I can review your customer service and work, I would love to! I've bought a tent, sleeping bag, and now this food sack from you all, and the products as well as the service have been fantastic. I'd love to give credit where credit is due." -Laura B.
"I've been using your gear over the last few months and I'm loving it! I'm really pleased with the quality and of course the weight! Your customer service experience has been excellent!" -Joel H.
"I just got my rain mitts, down socks, and 10 degree sleeping bag in the mail today—several weeks sooner than I anticipated. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prompt, courteous, and dedicated service to customers everywhere. The bag is a dream come true. Expect a Duplex order in the coming weeks. Thanks again." -Graham H.
"I received my order today. Customer service and attention to my needs was excellent. I'm leaving Wednesday night for a trip near Vancouver, and I honestly didn't expect my order to arrive in time. Tell me where to leave any testimonials!" -Drew I.
"Thank you so much for the extraordinary service you provide! You have my devotion. It is a total pleasure doing business with your company. It feels like you have a lot of integrity. Your backpacks are also the most comfortable I have ever used and a very intelligent design." -Maurice F.
"Zpacks Team, just a short note to let you know that I really do appreciate all your hard work and extra effort in producing my equipment fast and with great skill! You are all the best at what you do, and folks like me are lucky to have you!!!" -Dave W.
"You guys are awesome! I really appreciate all the efforts that you guys do to take care of your customers! It is very rare that I receive such great service from a company. Thanks so much!" -Nace C.
"I looked for a way to post a review of your amazing customer service on your website, but couldn't find a direct method so I'm sending you an email! You guys went above and beyond great customer service in providing a replacement sleeping bag for the one I had sent in for the malfunctioning zipper. I can't thank you enough for your communication, and prompt return of the replacement sleeping bag! Can't wait to hit the trails again with it! Thanks." -Robert P.
"I recently ordered one of your packs to use in hiking the 100-mile wilderness in Maine. Since I didn’t realize the lead-time you needed for construction, it looked like I wouldn’t get it in time. Matt Favero was able to get it to me in plenty of time after I explained my situation. The pack was great, light-weight as promised, and I had a blast on the hike. Only have 81 miles to go to complete a section hike of the whole trail. Thanks for your flexibility and a great product." -Tom L.
"Joe thank you so much for all this special attention. I have to tell you, I see your products and try to find a lighter comparable version from any manufacturer. Across the board, I have never found anyone, any company any where which has such a super high standard of craftsmanship and to be the lightest around. You do a great job and have fine people working for you." -Terrence B.
"Hey Joe, I sent in my Duplex and had it repaired by your crew. I've been using it a lot since then and it's holding up perfect. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your patience and your great customer service your team and yourself has given me from the beginning. Second to none, very hard to come by these days. Again, thank you very much. Happy trails" -Matt F.
"Not sure where to post a comment online, but just received my tent repairs and you guys are hands down the best customer service team out there. So grateful to have carried Zpacks gear with me on the JMT and look forward to many great nights in it on the CT amongst other places. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Great gear, great people!" -DM Taylor