5F Classic Sleeping Bag

$339.00 Weight 21.2 oz / 601.0 g
Lead Time About 1 Week

When the temperatures drop, stay warm and cozy with our award-winning Classic Sleeping Bag. Striking the perfect balance of warmth and weight,​ our ultralight Classic Sleeping Bag features a 3/4th length zipper on the bottom, combining the best aspects of a down quilt and a down sleeping bag, all at an unbeatable weight!

Includes a Free Zpacks Roll Top Dry Bag for Storage! A $30 value!

You can also get a similar bag as a zipper-less Solo Quilt​, or as a Full-Zip​ version that includes a draft tube.

  • Vertical baffles on the upper body keep down from migrating to the sides. Tightly spaced compartments help keep the down evenly distributed so there are no cold spots. There are no "sewn through" seams.  

  • Each compartment is overstuffed with 30% more 900 Fill Power Premium Goose Down than is necessary for maximum loft to account for any future down compression. Our down is ethically sourced and is a natural byproduct of the goose meat industry.

  • Black fabric on the inside for quick drying. Both the liner and the shell are treated with durable water repellent to resist rain spray and body moisture.  

  • 3/4 Length Zipper extends to your calves. The zipper is positioned on the bottom of the bag allowing for multiple sleep set ups.

  • The bag can easily be opened up for venting in "quilt mode". Most of the time you probably won't even use the zipper.  

  • Since the zipper is underneath you no draft tube is necessary- that means less weight and much less chance of a frustrating zipper snag.  Getting in and out is as easy as turning the zipper to the side, or just slide in or out the top of the bag.

  • A flat clip at the top of the zipper keeps the zipper securely closed. Or use the clip alone with the zipper opened for venting.  

  • An Elastic cord can be cinched tight around your neck to keep out drafts, or pull the bag up around your ears. This bag does not have a hood- wear a warm hat, or a Goose Down Hood, or size up in length if you want to pull it up around your head.  

  • A Roll Top Dry Bag is included, and adds ~.9 ounces (25.5 grams) to the listed weight. The dry bags are a comfortable fit and can be compressed smaller by squishing the contents and rolling the top down more.

  • All Zpacks gear has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our return / warranty policy.

A printable .pdf version is available here.

.59 oz/sqyd Ventum Ripstop Nylon

The inner and outer shells of our Sleeping Bags and Quilts are both made from this super light, high quality, 7 denier fabric showcases a ciré finish on both sides and weighs in at just .59 oz/sqyd (20 g/m²). 

Featuring a high quality "C6" durable water repellant (DWR), this ripstop and tear resistant material can also handle a light mist (but is not waterproof).

Ventum nylon cuts the wind while still allowing for excellent vapor transfer the makes the fabric highly breathable. With a soft texture, Ventum is not sticky or plasticky like some other fabrics in this weight range.

As the material is down and mosquito proof, it is an excellent choice for wind shell clothing and sleeping bag shells.

Made in Japan.

900 Fill Power European White Goose Down

Our down is ethically sourced straight from the producer. Our down is tested with the International Down and Feather Association (IDFB) Lorch standards, and is comparable to 950 fill power down tested in the US.

A printable .pdf version is available here.


Store loose (hanging in a closet for example) when not in use. Each bag has a hang loop at the foot. Alternatively it can be stored loose in a laundry bag.


Sleeping bags do not need to be washed very often. Wash once after a long season or only as needed.

Be careful of machine washing down sleeping bags. The twisting motion of a washing machine could potentially tear the shell or the internal baffles. If you do try a washing machine do so at your own risk using the delicate setting.

We recommend hand washing your sleeping bag in a bathtub with warm water and Granger's Down wash. Keep the sleeping bag in the dry bag and remove it while it is underwater so that it doesn't fill up with air. Swish the bag around for a few minutes. Drain the tub then give it another good rinse in fresh water.

Squish the sleeping bag back into the dry bag and squeeze as much water as you can out of it.

For best results, lay the sleeping bag out in the sun to dry. If the sleeping bag has a darker shell material (for example black on the inside) face the black side up to absorb more heat from the sun. You will have to periodically pull apart any wet down clumps. It may take all day to completely dry a sleeping bag, but don't worry, eventually all the clumps will be broken apart and dry and it will fluff back up better than new.

Some people use a clothes dryer with tennis balls to help break the down clumps apart, but do so at your own risk. High heat can melt delicate shell materials. Even with a dryer it can take a very long time to dry a sleeping bag. We recommend drying your down gear items in the sun, or line drying indoors if outside weather doesn't permit sun drying.

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Jake F.
California, USA

Just wanted to say thanks for a solid product!!!!!

"Just wanted to say thanks for a solid product!!!!! Ordered a 10 degree bag from you for my 2017 PCT thruhike...... and it is my new fav piece of gear, never got cold at all.... even had some nights in the low 20s..... thanks again and keep up the good work!!!"

Kevin R.
Michigan, USA

I was the only one of 6 who didn't complain about being cold.

"My new Duplex tent and 10 degree bag were awesome this past weekend in Michigan. It got down to 7 degrees and I was the only one of 6 who didn't complain about being cold. Thanks!"

Chris B.
Oregon, USA

In the end I have now saved around 1.5 lbs off my old sleeping system!

"Camped in the back yard last night as it hovered around 10 degrees. Wanted to give the new 10F bag a try. 40 mph wind gusts had the tent rocking a bit. I had to remove layers to dial in the warmth and the temperature rating was for me just right and then some. So in the end I have now saved around 1.5 lbs off my old sleeping system!"

Benny B.
Tennessee, USA

The sleeping bag worked perfectly.

"I camped on top of Max Patch in my Duplex Flex tent and 5F Zpacks Sleeping Bag in January. The temp got down to -1°F and the wind chill was -15°F. The top of Max Patch looked more like the surface of the moon. I posted a video on my YouTube (Plug-it In Hikes), but it really doesnt do it justice. The sleeping bag worked perfectly. I was also wearing my Goosefeet pants, socks, hood and jacket along with my Patagonia Thermal Weight Capilene top and bottoms and my Black Rock down beanie. To be honest I was on the edge of sweating. It was very toasty.”

Anne G.
Winnipeg, Canada

It is the warmest & lightest sleeping bag I have ever owned

"I have just returned from the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal and it was extremely cold in the high altitudes. My new 10F sleeping bag and hood performed exceptionally well. I did not have to use an extra blanket at any time. It is the warmest & lightest sleeping bag I have ever owned, and I have tried 5 in my endeavor to get the warmth I need. My search is over, thanks a lot."