Replacement Arc Belt (Gridstop)

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$59.00 Weight 3.9 oz / 110.0 g

Lead Time Ships in About 1 Week

Our Arc backpacks feature a removable and interchangeable belt. This is a useful feature if you lose or gain weight, or if the pack is transferred to a different size person. If the belt wears out before the rest of the pack you could replace it.

  • Interchangeable design.

  • Dual adjust belt webbing.

  • Comfy 3/8" thick foam.

  • All Zpacks gear has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our return / warranty policy.

  • Made in the USA.

4.85 oz/sqyd Gridstop Fabric

This popular backpack material is a little stronger against abrasion. It has a grid of white High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) threads for exceptional tear strength, as well as a diagonal woven ripstop. The fabric has a waterproof urethane coating on the inside. This high quality fabric has a finished weight including the waterproof coating is 4.85 oz/sqyd (165 g/m²).

 4.85 oz/sqyd (165 g/m²)

Water Resistance:
 >20,000 mmH₂O

Made in Japan.

Torso Height:

A person's torso height doesn't necessarily correlate to their total height, a taller person can have a shorter torso and vice versa.

To measure your torso height, you will need the help of friend and a string or cloth tape measure.

To begin, lower your neck towards your chest. This will cause the C7 vertebra to protrude at the base of your neck. The C7 vertebra marks the top of your torso. Next wrap your hands around your love handles and then use your thumbs to feel for the top of your hipbones; also known as the iliac crest. The bottom point of your torso height measurement will be along your spine at the center point between your thumbs.

Using the cloth tape measure, follow the curve of your spine from the C7 vertebra to the center of your spine at the top of your iliac crest. This measurement is your torso height.

The torso height on this pack is adjustable up and down within a range for a perfect fit. If your torso is under 17" (43 cm) consider the Arc Scout which is built for shorter torso heights.

Belt Size:

To measure your belt size use a string or cloth tape measure pulled tight around the spot on your body that you want the belt to ride. Usually this will be near the top of your pelvic bone. The tape measure should be over top of your hiking pants and shirt. Do not rely on your pant size.

A medium belt has a minimum circumference of about 30" (76 cm) including the buckle. Each belt has about 15" (38 cm) of webbing for adjustment.

Choose a belt with a minimum adjustment a couple inches smaller than your measurement so that you can still tighten it down if you lose a little weight on trail.

The belt on this pack is removable and interchangeable. It can be swapped out.

To remove the existing belt:

  • The belt is attached directly to a horizontal frame bar. To remove the belt, pull out gently at the center until the frame bar bows enough to pop out of its holster at the left or right. The belt slides off the bar.

To put the new belt on:

  • The pack belt attachment has two pockets (left and right) and two loops towards the middle (left and right).  

  • Slide the bar through the right loop on the pack. Then through the back of the belt. Then through the left loop on the pack, and into the left pocket on the pack.  

  • Make sure the bar is all the way into the left pocket.  

  • Pull out gently on the center of the belt to flex it until the right side of the bar pops into the right pocket on the pack.

  • Replacing the belt can be a bit tricky and it is not something you would want to do frequently. The spare belt includes a spare frame bar.
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Aaron N.
United States
This one fit better!

I received the Medium sized belt to replace the Small size I ordered with my pack. I had followed the sizing recommended when I purchased the pack, but noticed that the belt did not extend far enough to adequately cover my hip bones in front. The video about replacing the belt was extremely helpful and I had it changed over in a short time. I really love the quality and ingenuity designed into Zpack equipment!

Gary H.
United States United States
Replacement Arc Belt (Gridstop)

Switching out the belts went smooth thanks to your video on how to do it.

Michael V.
United States United States
Replacement Belt

Very happy the Arc Haul is made with interchangeable parts. After a 40 day section hike on the PCT, my previously belt was damaged (wear spot from a off brand water bottle holster I added). Ordered the replacement and quickly repaired my pack. Delivery was rapid and although I ordered the wrong material, customer service worked with me to get it returned and the right part sent out. Very happy with Zpacks products and customer service!

Theo T.
Australia Australia
Arc Haul

I love my Zpacks Arc haul. I used it for 1600 miles of the AT last year and continue to use it for my hikes in Australia. One improvement suggestion : Last year on day 2 I thought I broke my shoulder strap but what it ended up being was the small strap had unlooped through the adjusting clips. I eventually had to duct tape the 4 adjusting straps in place repeated ly over my 109 day hike, as they would continually come loose causing the weight distribution to change and giving me a sore back. once I did this my hike & pack was great. Don't get me wrong....Luv this pack.

kody a.
United States United States
Great base for a modular belt system

I’ve been using this belt in conjunction with small belt-less packs like the nero. Light high volume items go in the pack, and depending my needs I will either strap a dry bag full of a few days worth of food to the belt, or I will attach 2 large seek outside water bottle pockets to the belt and carry 3 liters of water that way (no one makes UL water bottle pockets for belts). So far this system works great, and eliminates the need for any type of frame. Unfortunately there is not much UL market support for suitable accessories that will fit on the belt *cough cough*.