Altaplex Instructions - Tent and Tarp

Cutting Guy Lines:
Guy lines are pre-cut and attached for you. Linelocs are sewn in place for adjusting the lines. If you choose to switch out your lines for a different cord these are the default lengths:

Front center - Cut 102 inches (259 cm) and tie a stake loop at 40 inches (102 cm). The stake goes in the pre-tied loop, and the attached hooks clip back to one or both doors and adjust tight with a Lineloc.

Side Walls, Back Walls (cut 4x) - 54 inches (137 cm)

Corners, back center (cut 5x) - 34 inches (86 cm)

If this is a tent, each of the zipper pull tabs should have a 7 inch (18 cm) pull cord attached.

Setup Instructions:
  1. Adjust your trekking pole to around 58 inches (147 cm). If your pole is not long enough we have pole extenders available.
  2. Stake out all four corner guy lines at a 45 degree angle, roughly straight off the corner point. The guy lines should be adjusted with a little bit of slack.
  3. Insert the trekking pole at a slight angle, outside the screen with the handle at the peak and the tip in the ground. If the peak is too high or too low, adjust the amount of slack on your corner guy lines.
  4. Stake out the front center guy line. The front corners of the tent should be about 6-8 inches (18cm) off the ground.
  5. Stake out the back center guy line. If the back of the tent is too low, give the back guy lines some slack, and pull the front guy line tighter to raise the back up.
  6. Stake out the four wall guy lines.
  7. Adjust the linelocs until the tent is reasonably taut.
The storm doors can be clipped down, or rolled up depending on the weather. Leave at least one door open for air flow when possible unless the weather is very bad.

Seam Sealing:
All Zpacks shelters have taped seams and bonded tie outs! No seam sealing necessary.