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Bargain Bin Gear

Condition Explanation:

New / Like New - This item is either new inventory, or it was exchanged without any use.
Light Use / Clean - This item was probably used one trip and exchanged. It is still in great shape.
Used / Some Dirt - This item has been used more than one trip. It may have some trail dust or scent, but it is still in good functional condition.
More Used / Dirty - This item has done some miles. You might want to wash it in a bathtub. It is still in functional condition and has a reasonable amount of life left.
Cosmetic Imperfection / Repaired - The item may have wavy stitching, a very minor repair, or a small mark or streak on it.
Other - Any other anomalies will be specified in the item description.

All bargain items are Fully Functional! All bargain items include our usual 1 year warranty. Returns and Exchanges are no problem.

Bargain Sleeping Bags

Some sleeping bags have our original horizontal baffle design, some have vertical baffles as indicated. The specs are the same other than that difference.
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