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One Square Meal Bar - Snack Bar Sample Pack


OSM Snack Pack - $7.95


Weight: About 2.1 ounces (60 grams) per bar

Energy: 249 calories (1040 Kj)


One Square Meal bars are made in New Zealand and have New Zealand nutrition labeling. It corresponds pretty closely with US nutrition guidelines.

OSM bars take a different approach to meal bars. Rather than being jam-packed with excess vitamins and minerals that you don't need, and tasting like chalk because of it, OSM bars are made with a perfect balance of nutrition.

This sample pack contains four individually packaged snack bars, one in each flavor. The snack bars are smaller than the full size bars, at just (2.1 oz / 60 grams). They contain about 12% of New Zealand's daily intake value for all key macronutrients per bar.