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Aquaclip Water Bottle Holder


Aquaclip Kit - $4.95


Total kit weight: .43 ounces (12 grams)


The AquaClip attaches a standard water bottle to your backpack's shoulder strap or belt. It will fit any bottle with a standard size neck. We found that it carries the weight of a 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) bottle well. The bottle can be popped in and out easily on the go.

If you have trouble reaching into your backpack's side pockets this is a good solution. Just refill the smaller accessible bottle when you stop for breaks. These are also handy for carrying extra water on long stretches, and they help move some weight to the front to counterbalance the backpack.

The clip sticks out from your strap so that the bottle does not bounce into you as you move.

The Zpacks kit includes one AquaClip, two One-Wrap® Velcro bands for securing it to the daisy chain on your shoulder straps, and a rubber end cap so that the clip cannot slide out of the velcro.

The clip can also be attached to standard Zpacks belts. It can be used in conjunction with our belt pouches. It may also work in the daisy chain on other backpack belts.

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